Dear Meloni, please: do not disappoint Angelo (and his other constituents)

Now we are there and I wondered if the election programs are they good for something or is the vote just a habit or a momentary emotion? I found an answer in my personal Balbec Sarda.

While Paul Paper was intent on roasting a pig and a leg of wild boar I asked him what the voting guidelines were in the rest of the country, he foresees a decisive affirmation of Meloni and he suggested that I talk about it with Angioletto, who for years I had known only as Angelo and for the perfect measure of his raw fish and the dishes served at the tables of his restaurant.

This pezzullo is the result of a good coffee and the excellent company of Angelo, an excellent tractor and generous conversationalist.

Curiously, it all begins with Battista Frau (the extraordinary man in the photo above), Angelo’s grandfather who, after having served his country in the First World War, will die in prison in ’48, after having entered it in ’26 for a murder charge that proved false only thanks to the spontaneous confession of the real culprit in 1965.

Battista was a farmer with some vegetable gardens and, although he was dependent on the baronage of the Sant Just di Teulada, he had some “servants” to look after his animals and his land. “Servants” because serfdom still existed in Sardinia in the early 1900s.

The sad story of Battista changed the fate of the family, “they had taken everything away from my grandfather to pay the legal costs and my father had to start from scratch as a forest worker”, but it formed the character of the family.

Angelo was born in 1960 and grew up in the Sardinia of the economic boom, enterprising and curious in the 80s, he moved “to the continent” working in catering and learning the trade, at 24, thanks to the zeal of the local marshal of merit, he will spend a short period of stay at his grandfather’s college, for an insane passion turned to the cultivation of cannabis, “but in reality it was for the consumption of the company of young people in my country, we went to the beach to sing, talk and…. to smoke”. This experience will make of Angioletto a staunch antiprohibitionist“On drugs you can prohibit it as much as you want but it will not cease to exist” and a discreet libertarian “I do not speak of absolute freedom, but everyone is master of his life with respect for others”.

In the 90s, he created bars and kiosks on the beach, launching a large part of the successful restaurants in the area.

He gets married, raises two fantastic children who help him in his work and from a simple restaurateur he becomes a small entrepreneur who from that moment begins to clash with the state “Who never gave me anything and often penalized me through the arrogance and violence of his representatives, at certain moments I felt like grandfather Battista”.

For Angelo begins a fight that still lasts today against Asl, municipal administrations, haccp, permits, prohibitions, certificates and everything that every Italian entrepreneur knows wellbut with a sincere hope that does not cease to amaze me, that is, that politics could fix things, “in the country there were two sections, the DC and the PCI, but when we were boys we were in the oratory playing football and voted for Msi for Almirante’s eloquence, and then An for Fini’s ”.

Today Angelo prepares to vote for Meloni with conviction and for me, a liberal and third-party politician a little snobbish and very skeptical about the fact that certain politics can really change things, this genuine belief of his is surprising, so with the electoral program of Fratelli d’Italia in front of me I asked him: “Look, I haven’t read the program, though I hear Meloni on TV and it convinces meand I can’t stand that everyone is attacking her with every charge just in an attempt to destroy her as a person instead of beating her politically ”.

Reading with him the program of Brothers of Italy I was amazed by the simple truths of some of his observations on numerous points:

Birth rate: it’s the biggest problem, but if you don’t sow you don’t reap. Reality is different from TV and to have a family you have to believe in something solid and real and not in the lies that they offer to young people;

PNRR: they’ll do whatever they want with that money, so it’s better if Giorgia will manage them;

Tax: politics is far from finding the solution, it’s all too complicated as well as expensive. It’s all wrong on the staff;

Entrepreneurial system: the farther the state is, the better;

Dignity of work: this year I changed 12 dishwashers, put in order between 1250 and 1400 euros from 18 to 24 none lasted more than 3 days. I was introduced to a Senegalese boy, in good standing and in Sardinia for 25 years, who has been with me for two and a half months as a hard worker;

Make way for young people: the Senegalsese dishwasher, who obtained citizenship, asked me to find a house to obtain family reunification with his 18-year-old son. I will be happy to help him;

School: few opinions, I retired in sixth grade but my daughter is graduating in toxicological sciences and will be precious for our work;

Welfare state: citizenship income is a disaster, immoral and harmful.

Freedom and dignity: I am neutral about homogenitoriality and in any case these families have always existed, they are individual decisions that must in any case safeguard the interest of the children. On surrogacy there is no solution;

Tourism: In Sardinia everything is at a standstill, the money of the European community is on the accounts of the Municipalities, everything is blocked because public decisions do not work and are only blocked by vetoes;

Illegal immigration: we are full of illegal immigrants that we are unable to integrate, one day in via Quirra in Cagliari is enough to understand that illegal immigrants are used for drug dealing and prostitution, it is madness. The solution is to welcome them and give them the dignity they deserve. To be clear, dignity is a job and we entrepreneurs give the job;

Presidentialism: it convinces me as an opportunity and Meloni would convince me as the future President. He has proven to be a courageous political leader and able to choose. And I am sure that he will also be able to grasp good ideas from other parties.

Dear Hon. Meloni, I don’t know what is more difficult, whether to be the first Prime Minister to come from an openly conservative movement or to be the first woman to occupy that post, but you could achieve these two results thanks to millions of women and men who pour out their hopes and expectations too often disappointed by incapable leaders or improvised parties. In her, voters like Angelo see the heir, not of fascism or dictatorship, but of a popular sentiment rooted in Italy and transversal to the parties, which asks for seriousnessresponsibility and common sense.

Please don’t let them down with sovereignty and full powers, Italexit and wrong friendships and if you come to Sardinia, remember Angelo and his simple advice.

Antonio De Filippi, September 16, 2022

Dear Meloni, please: do not disappoint Angelo (and his other constituents) – Antonio De Filippi