Cuban bishops concerned about referendum on family code

On the day when the Church commemorates the sweet name of Mary, the Cuban bishops published a message addressed to the Catholic faithful and to all citizens, wishing to know their point of view on the referendum on the new family code.

Vatican City

Signed in Havana on September 12, liturgical memorial of the sweet name of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Cuban bishops published a message regarding the referendum on the new family code. It is addressed to the faithful of the Catholic Church as well as to those who feel close to the Church and wish to know its opinion.

A new legal text submitted to the vote

The message indicates that given the closeness of the end of the process of consultation and approval of the new Family Code, the bishops of Cuba feel “on duty” of “reaffirm the criteria that, on these very human and important issues”, which they have already expressed on several occasions, recalling that “dother churches and religious groups also publish statements in which they express their ideas and beliefs, on the issues addressed in the new legal text submitted to the vote“. As the bishops explain, Cuba’s National Assembly of People’s Power, as a legislative body, approved the latest draft Family Code, giving it the status of law, and published it. in the Official Journal.

This new law will have to be validated by a popular referendum, convened for Sunday, September 25. If the result of the vote is “yes“, recall the bishops, the law will come into force the following day; but if theNopeprevails, the law will not enter into force and the current Family Code of 1975 will remain in force, The bishops recall the words of the politician José Martí, considered a national hero: “LLove is the ardent and unconditional attachment that an individual of one sex feels towards an individual of the other sex. The difference between the sexes is not only its quality, but its characteristic essence“, adding that that José Antonio Saco insisted that:”The love and respect that children have for their parents, gives them an ascendancy over the hearts of their parents which makes them their best teachers.“.

Against gender ideology

It is not beneficial for the Cuban family to introduce into our legislation the content of the so-called gender ideology, which underlies many proposals“, say the Cuban bishops adding, “that it is not true that it is in the interests of children and adolescents to introduce an interpretation of the principle of progressive autonomy, which extends to the possibility that minors, without the authorization of their parents, can assume certain criteria, in particular those that involve irreversible clinical-surgical processes, which determine existential or identity situations for which they are not prepared“.

Nor can they be legally adopted by same-sex couples, the prelates continue in their message, while adoption is essentially a way of granting the child, by law, what corresponds to him by nature. and what it needs: “a father and a mother“. The bishops are also concerned about the application of assisted reproduction techniques to same-sex couples or post-mortem in vitro fertilization, by which a child is intentionally born without a father.

Furthermore, they point out that it is unethical to recognize surrogacy as appropriate, through surrogate mothers, which would thus deprive mother and child of the emotional bond that gestation establishes naturally.

Disappointment of the Church in the Face of Such Proposals

We are disappointed to see that these proposals, as well as others, which have been notoriously questioned by a part of society, are still intact in the Code which is now proposed to the referendumadd the Cuban bishops.

Before blessing them with affection, the Cuban bishops conclude by invoking Mary of Charity, the Mother and Patroness of this people, so that she “intercede for each of his Cuban children so that, enlightened by the Holy Spirit“, they take “the right decision for the present and the future of the children of this nation“.

Cuban bishops concerned about referendum on family code – Vatican News