Charlene of Monaco, baby on the way and she takes back control of the Palace

Charlene of Monaco he intends to take full control of the Palazzo and imposes his rules on Alberto, taking advantage of the fact that a new baby is arriving at the Palazzo and the whole Grimaldi family is distracted by the happy news. Indeed Stephanie of Monaco is about to become a grandmother. His son Louis Ducruet and his wife Marie are expecting their first child.

Charlene of Monaco, the reconquest project

So, great joy at the Palace. And more freedom for Charlene of Monaco to implement his plan in which he wants to totally reassert the his power and her role, after illness sidelined her for over a year. In fact, in 2021 the Princess had been affected by a serious nose, ear and throat infection. She underwent three general anesthesia operations in a few months, she was very thin and tried physically and mentally.

It took a year before he could go back to work for the Rocca, appearing next to Alberto at public events. And still today she is not perfectly fit, as her husband revealed in a recent interview, reiterating that her wife still needs rest because sometimes she feels tired.

In these months away, Carolina and Stéphanie of Monaco have gained ground in the management of the affairs of the Principality. But now their time is up. Charlene has in mind to carry out her project of regaining the role for which she is the one who dictates the law at the Palazzo and also to Alberto she has imposed her rules. Only on one thing, however, the Prince does not give up and will never give up: exclude his sister Carolina from some prestigious assignments, as Charlene would like, just to “not have her around”.

Charlene of Monaco, baby arriving at the Palace

Certainly Louis Ducruet’s announcement of the arrival of a new baby, is a great distraction for Charlene’s wholly lawful aims who no longer wants to stay in the shadows and be considered the “strange” one for the way she dresses, for the way she does her hair, for her habits and for her character – which according to well-informed people is very unfriendly and has worsened with the disease. In any case, she is the Princess of Monaco and she is in charge.

Thus, it seems he imposed precise rules on Alberto on how and when to appear in public. It is she who chooses the events to attend. We saw it at National holiday of the Principality after two years; she even flew to New York where she wore a rare pink diamond. And above all, she decides who to appear with. If she hasn’t managed to get Alberto to exclude Carolina from certain appointments, at least she is the one to establish how the participants must appear.

To confirm this plan of Charlene is the magazine Ici, where we read: “Charlene is reborn and managed to turn things around to her advantage. She even seized power ”. It seems that behind this turning point there is her brother Gareth “who has supported her in all these last months, and has helped her to regain her rightful place within the Grimaldi family”.

Charlene of Monaco, baby on the way and she takes back control of the Palace