Cesteria Barbieri between seats in rattan, flower boxes and wicker: where time seems to have stopped

from Elisabetta Marangoni

Here you can find everything: from the cabinet to the aviary-style sideboard to the bistro tables

At the foot of the Gran Madre, in Corso Casale, there is a suburb where time seems to have stopped, the shops are still shops and the restaurants retain the writings of the past. Among these, the unmistakable sign of Cesteria Barbieri from 1976 stands out, a classic white font on a light blue background.

For Turin it is a real institution, a furnishing accessories shop with a slightly French taste, the chairs outside on the sidewalk have that Provençal air and together with the planters and the inevitable rattan seats it invites you to enter. Immediately the unmistakable smell of wicker baskets pleasantly invades you. Everything is cozy, intimate and warm, from the furniture, to their arrangement that invites you to sneak between the cupboards and the indoor seats to grab those beautiful ceramic egg cups or those iron baskets, perfect for the home in the mountains. An atmosphere with a French taste, in perfect country style. Here you can find everything from the wicker cabinet to the aviary-style sideboard, from bistro tables, to picnic baskets and then again a wonderful selection of glasses and water jugs, and accessories and decorative writings for the home. .

Piera, the owner, welcomes me and tells me about her beautiful shop: a real work project but also a couple, founded by her and her husband Giuliano. Piera is the creative spirit of her who selects the proposals for a demanding clientele always in search of “goodies”, of refined objects, of excellent workmanship and refined taste.

Effectively the selection of furniture and objects to sell comes from different countries, especially France, Belgium, Denmark and Morocco to always offer novelty and refinement. Today, Piera is helped by her son Matteo, now her right hand in family affairs. Yes, because in reality this shop was born just like a magnificent basket shop, manufactured in Turin, where you can find any basket for any need and then expanded its offer to all furnishing accessories for the home and garden.

This shop with a unique taste follows the rhythm of the seasons, adapting to the colors and celebrations of each one: at Christmas it is an explosion of snow and magic, in autumn it is colored with orange and “cozy things”, in spring it dresses party for Easter and summer is all a triumph of flowers and objects for outdoor environments. In short, Cesteria Barbieri has a proposal for every occasion, and an object for every season.

However, I believe that each of us in Turin has at least something of this shop in their home, and if they don’t have it yet, then this is an invitation to discover a place to get lost among the objects!

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September 20, 2022 (change September 20, 2022 | 19:25)

Cesteria Barbieri between seats in rattan, flower boxes and wicker: where time seems to have stopped