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Whether you love to entertain or have a growing family, having just one kitchen in your home may not be enough anymore! It might be time to consider an upgrade. But before moving, you must first consider whether it is possible to add a second kitchen to your house.

A second kitchen can be added to a home in an existing room or as part of an extension. The cost varies from 2,950 to €18,000 or more. You will need to consider plumbing and electrical, as well as desired appliances. Talk to your building contractors about local building regulations.

Here’s what you need to consider when adding a second kitchen to your home.

Do I need planning permission for a second kitchen?

You can add a second kitchen to a house without planning permission, usually if the area is less than 40 square meters. But this varies depending on zoning laws. It’s best to talk to your building contractor about the legal requirements and paperwork needed to add a second kitchen to your home.

If you plan to add a large kitchen to your home, you will definitely need to apply for planning permission. You will also find that there may be regulations regarding where you can add a second kitchen and the height of the new section. You may be asked to build a second kitchen closer to the back of your house and it should not be higher than the house.

If you are making changes to an existing part of the house (meaning no extension is needed) you do not need planning permission as long as:

  • The modifications do not reduce the area of ​​use to less than 25 meters.
  • You do not intend to lease the area as commercial space.

You also need to get planning permission if you plan to add a stove and oven to your second kitchen. You must work directly with an electrician and ensure that the electricity is up to standard.

As long as you have all the necessary permits and comply with the relevant regulations, you can definitely add a second kitchen to your home!

How much does adding a second kitchen cost?

A new kitchen can cost anywhere from $2,950 to $18,000+. This figure is highly dependent on the additions and features you plan to incorporate into your second kitchen. A kitchen meant for prep work will likely be more affordable. In comparison, a fully equipped kitchen often costs between $7,000 and more.

This figure also depends on the amount of work to be done on the existing foundation, electrical and plumbing. Some houses need extensions, others new plumbing systems, still others just foundation work! When adding a second kitchen to an existing room, make sure you have quality masonry and cutting tools. This will give you the best results for your structural modifications.

You can also plan to add the kitchen as an extension of the house. This may incur additional costs. It is better to plan for the most expensive scenario (closer to €23,000). Gather all the quotes you can before making the decision to build or undertake renovations. In particular, you should contact builders, plumbers, electricians, installation and appliance suppliers. Documentation may also be chargeable.

What plumbing is needed to add a second kitchen to a house?

The plumbing needed for a second kitchen will vary greatly depending on your plan for that space. You may be thinking of adding a second kitchen to your home, complete with a dishwasher and a double sink. Much like adding a bathroom to a home, a larger kitchen will require more plumbing than a single, small sink.

In most cases, your current plumbing system will be able to support the addition if it is a renovation of an existing room. Pipes will be installed between the new kitchen fixtures and your current plumbing. But if you are doing a major extension and renovation, your plumbing system will need to be extended and potentially upgraded. You will be able to pipe the old and new system together, but this will require more plumbing. In particular, it will be necessary to add connection pipes between the new kitchen and the rest of the house.

How much space does it take to have two kitchens in one house?

The space needed to build your second kitchen depends on how big you want your kitchen to be. In most cases, you can add a small second kitchen without needing to add extra space to your home. A space of at least 12x12ft is recommended for a kitchen design.

A modest, communal second kitchen typically includes the following:

  • Sink
  • A small stove/oven
  • A mini-fridge or under-the-counter refrigerator.

If you’re looking for a larger, fully-equipped kitchen, you’ll need to think about how much space you have. Talk to a contractor about adding a second kitchen to your existing space and what it might look like for you. You may consider adding an extension to your home for a second kitchen. But it will depend on how much space you have on your land.

You can add a second kitchen to a room of almost any size, but what you can do with it will vary dramatically.

What is a second kitchen?

For an addition or renovation to be considered a second kitchen, it only needs to have a sink and a refrigerator. Second kitchens are also sometimes referred to as the ‘butler’s pantry’ or ‘prep kitchen’. They don’t require a stove, oven, dishwasher, or even counter or cabinet space. The refrigerator can also be mini or under the counter.

If you want your second kitchen to be a fully equipped kitchen, then you need to work with a contractor to comply with zoning laws.

Why would you have two kitchens?

Adding a second kitchen to a home is a fantastic way to add value to a home. These additional kitchens can be used for a variety of factors. For example, you can add a butler’s pantry to separate prep work from general cooking. This type of pantry can also provide additional storage space for kitchen appliances and some foods.

A second kitchen also makes it easier to host large parties or events. One kitchen can be used for cooking and the other for entertaining. You also increase the amount of food that can be cooked at the same time with a second kitchen. Of course, it depends on the features you add to your new kitchen.

Finally, a second kitchen can be used to complete rental space that you could use for commercial income. It’s a great way to get some extra income, but you need to get permission from the builders to do it!

Adding a second kitchen to a home is possible for most homeowners. This second kitchen can add value, entertaining space and even commercial space to a home. Speak to a contractor before embarking on this adventure to make sure you follow the guidelines and don’t compromise your home!

Can a second kitchen be added to a house? | Nostrodomus