Black Week Darty: 5 sustainable products to take advantage of promotions responsibly

If Black Friday and other promotional periods can indeed rhyme with excessive consumption, some brands are doing well by allowing consumers to combine real savings and sustainable purchases. This is the case of Darty, which offers several products at attractive prices during Black Week, selected for their sustainability score. What to equip responsibly.

Written by CecileNov 18, 2022, at 9:16 a.m.

As sales or other promotions approach, many voices rightly denounce artificially inflated discounts, encouraging consumers to make purchases that they do not necessarily need. The fact remains that such operations nevertheless make it possible to make welcome savings in times of inflation. To take advantage of it without fueling an unreasonable mode of consumption, it is better to turn to brands committed to a sustainable approach.

Darty “sustainable choices”, to consume in a reasoned way

Darty thus offers consumers products labeled “sustainable choices” and selected based on their sustainability score. What is it about ? An evaluation resulting from the study of millions of interventions carried out by the Darty after-sales service each year, making it possible to identify the most reliable and most repairable products. A score which, although it does not of course offer the consumer the assurance of buying a device that will never break down, nevertheless assures him of acquiring a product whose the risk of malfunction is low. And if this is the case, then the Darty after-sales service will be able to repair the device with spare parts whose manufacturers guarantee the availability for a sufficiently long time.

Online and in store, Darty “sustainable choice” products are therefore the most robust and the most repairable, enough to avoid taking part in the immense mess represented by the tens of millions of tons of electronic waste produced each year. Waste, 50% of which comes from irreparable household appliances. This year, more than 1,000 products are referenced as “sustainable choices”, including several devices on sale on the occasion of Black Week Darty, which we have chosen for their technical characteristics and attractive discounts. This demonstrates that the most durable products are not necessarily the most expensive.

Apple’s iPad 9, a versatile tablet for years to come

A versatile iPad which embeds the essentials to carry out your daily tasks while enjoying your leisure time: this is what Apple offers with this iPad 9th generation. It is certainly not the most powerful, but its A13 chip ensures responsiveness (use of several applications at the same time…) and sufficient graphics performance to play; all at an affordable price. Other appreciable points: sound sturdy aluminum frame and its one-day autonomy, which gives it greater durability. Not to mention the guarantee of enjoying iOS updates for years to come. Apple being exemplary on this point. At 349 euros, it is certainly a good choice.

Buy the iPad 9 – Space Gray color

Buy the iPad 9 – Color Silver

The MacBook Air M1, a robust and durable ultrabook

macbook air on black friday promo

Silence, lightness, performance and frugal consumptionthis is what the MacBook Air equipped with the Apple Silicon M1 chip offers, the price of which drops below 1000 euros during Black Week Darty. The MacBook Air M1 also benefits from very good battery life, a well-made screen and Apple manufacturing quality. And to top it off, without a fan, it doesn’t emit the slightest noise. Enough to take full advantage of your purchase in complete silence.

Buy the MacBook Air M1 – Color Silver (8GB – 256GB SSD)

Buy the MacBook Air M1 – Space Gray color (8GB – 256GB SSD)

Buy the MacBook Air M1 – Color Gold (8GB – 256GB SSD)

A Magimix Premium multifunction robot, made in France

The Magimix kitchen robot on sale for Black Friday

Nothing better than home cooking to save money while eating in season. the Magimix multifunction food processor allows you to prepare many dishes in a single cooking session, thanks to its 3 tanks (1.2L, 2.6L and 3.6L) and its ultra-quiet motor with a power of 1100 Watts. Enough to feed the whole family while avoiding any food waste. The various accessories of this robot also allow you to make your own bread or enjoy a juice extractor that preserves nutrients as much as possible. Another significant advantage of this model: even permanently connected, the device does not consume electricity when not in use.

Choosing Magimix also means favoring the made in Franceall at an affordable price during Black Week Darty: 424 euros after deduction of the deferred reimbursement offer.

Buy the Magimix Premium multifunction food processor

An economical Magimix juice extractor, whose power adapts according to the food

A Magimix juice extractor on sale

The Magimix Juice Expert 3 juice extractor allows you to enjoy the best of plants while optimizing your electricity consumption. Designed to cold extract the juice from fruits and vegetables without having to peel them first, the device thus makes it possible to make the most of the vitamins and trace elements of each food. The robust motor – guaranteed for 30 years – manages to extract the juice from the hardest vegetables, while consuming the right amount of electricity. The power of the extractor thus adapts according to the resistance of the fruit or vegetable worked.

This juice extractor, whose motor is also distinguished by its silence, also benefits from other patented Magimix technologies, such as the XL Juice Filter, designed to obtain perfectly pure and clear juices. The Extra Press XL function allows you to make particularly creamy and homogeneous juices, milks and smoothies.

Buy the Magimix Juice Expert 3 juice extractor

An Electrolux induction hob, more energy efficient than a ceramic hob

An Electrolux induction hob on sale at Darty for Black Friday

In terms of cooking, the induction hob is one of the most efficient pieces of equipment, since its rapid rise in temperature reduces its use time. Energy loss is also minimized, due to the heat which remains perfectly localized under the container. An induction hob is therefore less energy-intensive than a ceramic hob, especially when it has multiple power positions allowing the temperature required for each preparation to be reached as quickly as possible. The Electrolux CIV644 induction hob is thus equipped with 15 power settings, but also with a “booster” function ideal for bringing liquids to the boil in record time.

Other significant features of this plate: its sensitive controls, the automatic detection of utensils allowing only the necessary area to be heated, as well as an anti-overflow and anti-overheating safety device, preventing accidental damage to the hob.

Buy the Electrolux CIV644 induction hob

Finally, always with a view to the durability of household appliances, Darty offers the DartyMax subscription to extend the life of your equipment. By opting for this guarantee, you benefit from guaranteed repairs on all of your covered devices, regardless of the number of breakdowns.

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Black Week Darty: 5 sustainable products to take advantage of promotions responsibly