Black Friday: at 85% for life, pCloud makes online storage cheap

Lifetime online storage at a bargain price is now a reality with pCloud’s Black Friday offer.

Black Friday is often the occasion to make great deals. And on this Monday, November 21, 2022, it’s pCloud’s turn to sell off its prices. For the occasion, the most reputable online storage provider in Europe is offering its lifetime packages at an unbeatable price. If you want to find a secure, ergonomic and affordable cloud space, look no further. pCloud is the one for you.

Discover the pCloud offer

pCloud: the most complete storage tool on the market

pCloud offers many advantages, starting with a platform that is very easy to handle and compatible on several supports. pCloud is accessible on PC via pCloud Drive, a real dematerialized drive, but also on mobile and tablet via an intuitive application. With automatic synchronization, the goal is that you can have your files at your fingertips, everywhere.

In addition to accessibility at all times, the speeds of pCloud are excellent. It therefore manages to ensure fast transfers and downloads. By the way, it is important to note that it does not limit the size of files on your space. If you wish, you can therefore upload an entire collection of HD videos, without them being compressed. Better still, it includes a multimedia player allowing you to view your content directly from the platform.

You got it, pCloud makes it easier to manage your files, but that’s not all. It also ensures that you can exchange your documents, photos or videos with other users with ease, thanks to a successful sharing function. You can therefore create a folder or choose to generate a sharing or download link and then send it to your family, friends or work colleagues. Additional features such as setting a password or an expiration date are available to protect certain more sensitive files.

A highly secure cloud

It should also be noted that this Swiss-based service provider is one of the few to offer such levels of security. Indeed, pCloud relies heavily on the privacy of its users, operating first and foremost in full compliance with GDPR standards. This European regulation guarantees the protection of the privacy of Internet users.

Also, be aware that pCloud applies TLS/SSL channels when you add your photos, videos or other documents to your space. This encryption protocol ensures the security of your data and protects it from cyberattacks. Speaking of hacking, keep in mind that pCloud selects its data centers carefully, after careful evaluation of their characteristics.

Moreover, pCloud makes copies of your files on three servers in different data centers. Thus, even in the event of a technical failure on one of the servers, nothing will be completely lost and you will find your data. The same cannot be said for a USB key… You quickly understand the interest of calling on a quality online storage service.

pCloud launches a unique offer for Black Friday

pCloud has just put its offer for Black Friday online and there is something to be pleasantly surprised about. This time, the provider is reviewing the price of its Lifetime plans downwards. The reductions go up to -85%, which is very quickly impressive on this kind of offer.

Without further ado, here are pCloud’s promotional pricing for Black Friday 2022:

These allow you to enjoy storage space for a lifetime or 99 years to be precise. Thanks to the lifetime plans (a pCloud exclusivity), you will therefore be able to make your purchase profitable very quickly.

Aware that, even discounted, these prices are not within everyone’s reach, pCloud has your back by accompanying its offers with a guarantee for a period of 10 days after the date of purchase. You will therefore be able to obtain your full refund on request from the very responsive customer support by e-mail. This offer expires already in a few days so take advantage of it quickly.

Grab the pCloud offer

Moreover, if you want to start without taking out your bank card, it is also possible with its option of free cloud including up to 10 Go. Nothing better for a discovery of the service without any risk.

Black Friday: at 85% for life, pCloud makes online storage cheap