Bigger! Yvain (Simon Astier) is absent from Kaamelott the film!

Simon Austier is a French actor, director and screenwriter who became known through the comedy and drama series Kaamelott. He plays the character of Yvain Kaamelott, the brother-in-law of King Arthur. His wacky and simple personality has made him an iconic character in the series. However, he was not present in the first part of the film which is a continuation of the series. Find out the reasons for this absence.

Kaamelotthe feature film

The film Kaamelot is the sequel to the series of the same name that aired from 2005 to 2009. The series has six seasons and is mainly inspired by the legend of King Arthur and the sword Excalibur. She treats this legend with a dose of humor, especially in the early seasons. The later seasons are more of a drama genre.

The scenario is imagined by Alexandre Astier who provides three parts, a trilogy, following his series. For the first part released in 2021, the story begins when King Arthur, exiled in the last episode of the series, returns to his kingdom ten years later to create the resistance movement against the tyrannical Lancelot du Lac.

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Despite the post-covid period, Kaamelot: First part was a resounding success when it was released in cinemas. It brings together more than 2.5 million cinema admissions in France. Astronaut Thomas Pesquet even ordered the film aboard the International Space Station. But a detail did not wait to be noticed during the broadcast of the first part of KaamelottYvain Kaamelott, played by actor Simon Astier, brother of Alexandre Astier, was absent from the cast.

Yvain Kaamelott, an emblematic character of the series

Yvain Kaamelott is an emblematic character of the series. He quickly stood out with his humor. He is the brother of Gueniève and son of Léodagan and Séli. From the outset, he calls himself the lion knightnot because he inherited the characteristics of this animal, but quite simply because it’s “more classy”. It was thanks to the influence of his parents that he rose to the round table. He forms a shock duo with Gawain, King Arthur’s nephew. Given their aspiration different from that of the others, Yvain and Gauvin leave the castle to found an autonomous clan. The character is played by actor Simon Astier.

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Simon Astier, absent from Kaamelot, the plausible reasons

In the film, we could see the character of Gauvin without his friend Yvain. However, this iconic duo has been eagerly awaited by fans of the series. Despite the disappointment of fans, the film is nonetheless a success.

In reality, Simon Astier, the actor who plays Yvain Kaamelott, had a very busy schedule during the filming of the first part. He was on other time-consuming projects, namely directing a theatrical adaptation of the novel The speech of Fabcaro and the development of the series Visitors. These projects did not leave him room to be part of the cast of the film Kaamelott.

Moreover, in the scenario, the presence of Yvain Kaamelott is not essential to the story which is already very rich. We know that Yvain is a special genre, he is often out of step with what is happening around him. By adding his character, the story would have been less fluid.


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But then, where is Yvain Kaamelott during the first part of the film?

The absence of Yvain Kaamelott in the first part of the film gave rise to several theories, including two main ones. The first is that Yvain is hidden in the fortress of Carmelide under the orders of Lady Séli. Séli is a protective mother and Guinevere’s imprisonment reinforces her idea of ​​protecting her son at all costs. The second theory is that his mother sent Yvain to the Picts. The latter are able to defend it, which is not the case in Carmelide. We will have more explanations in the second part of the film, the shooting of which is scheduled for spring 2023.

A look back at Simon Astier’s journey

Simon Astier is a French comedian, actor, director and screenwriter, like his parents Lionnel Astier and Josée Drevon. His first board takes place with the Astier family, notably his father and his half-brother Alexandre Astier. In 2004, he knows his first feature film by playing a small role in the film Weddings. But it is the role of Yvain Kaamelott that makes him known to the general public. Nicknamed the Knight of the Lion, Yvain, by his personality, conquered the public.


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Simon Austier multiplies his projects. He notably produced the series Off prime in 2007. In 2008, he then played in the series Hero Corp which he co-wrote and co-produced. And he appears in several feature and short films, including We do not choose our family (2011), Asterix and Obelix: At Her Majesty’s Service (2012) or The Crazy Story of Max and Leon (2016). In 2022, he produces the series Visitors for Warner TV, which in part would explain his absence from the film Kaamelott.


Bigger! Yvain (Simon Astier) is absent from Kaamelott the film!