Big Brother Vip, Daniele Dal Moro (son of the deputy) returns to the house

Daniele Dal Moro, 32, from Verona

From his Verona, upon returning to the most spied house in Italy. From Big Brother Nip (for the not famous) of 2019 with Barbara d’Urso, to the edition of Gf Vip directed by Alfonso Signorini and departing Monday evening on Canale 5. Daniele Dal Moro is about to return to the spotlight of tv and gossip once again. And the third.

The red door

After his first Gf da unknown three years agowhich saw him place fourth but above all make himself known by the general public, and after the experience on the throne of Men and Women where he searched (in vain) love in the dating show of Maria De Filippi, the 32-year-old from Verona (born July 4, 1990) is about to cross again the fateful red door of the most observed house in Italy. This time, however, he will do it as a vip, among the famous (or almost): an undoubted leap in popularity. how much the most popular gossip, TV and entertainment sites have been spoiling more and more insistently in the last hours, who put the name of Daniele Dal Moro in the list of 23 Vippos, Denzel for friends, champion of followers on Instagram where the young entrepreneur from Verona always highlights his sculptural physique with emblematic images that has also made him one of the most popular models.

Maximum confidentiality

At the moment no official confirmation from the person concerned, but not even the shadow of denials from Mediaset or the production company Endemol. The chances of seeing him enter the Signorini house on Monday evening are therefore more concrete: for Verona it would be an immediate return to Gfvip, where in the last edition the attention was attracted by the lyric opera from Rovigo but from La Scala by adoption Katia Ricciarelli (overwhelmed several times by the vortex of controversy for her verbal impetuosity) and Eva Grimaldi, who she thrilled everyone with the pains of her life, from failed marriage to alcohol addiction, until the meeting with his wife Imma Battaglia (Whoever finds you, finds a treasure, fill my heart). This year instead of the new Gfvip departing the day after tomorrow evening on Canale 5, according to the well-informed, Verona this time will try to break through the public with the son of the Honorable Gianni Dal Moro, outgoing deputy in the ranks of the Democratic Party who did not re-nominate in view of the forthcoming political elections.

Appreciated by the public

During the previous edition of 2019, the public appreciated in Daniele his having gradually discovered himself, showing both the side of the sunny, smiling, easy joke, and the darker side of a past that put him to the test and made him suffer. Due to some bad company, Daniele lived a period of unregulated life as he himself defined it, giving so many worries to the family. Since that time, with determination and tenacity he has been able to get up again. In his home he was moved to read the letter written by his father Gianni by the whole family and was excited to embrace his sister Michela, to whom he is very attached.

The social intervention

Meanwhile, in the last few hours, just on the eve of his (almost certain) entry to Gfvip, Dal Moro

jr intervened harshly on social media: To avoid receiving further stupid and useless messages, now I’ll explain something to you. I have been taking free criticisms and insults for years, but the truth – Daniele wanted to specify – that when I was a tronista in Umen and women I did not weigh girls because I was interested in their body weight, but because they made me a proposal to that effect. And when you are on a television program, not Daniele Dal Moro who decides what to do or not to do. Certainly, if these are the sparkling premises of the eve, many will follow the new television adventure of the 32-year-old. And not just from his Veronto.

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September 17, 2022 (change September 17, 2022 | 09:20)


Big Brother Vip, Daniele Dal Moro (son of the deputy) returns to the house