At Masini in Faenza the “Venetian twins” of Malosti

The expedient of the twins has an ancient history in the theatre: Menander already uses it, and then Terentius and also Plautus. Heir to that great tradition, Charles Goldoni staged in 1747 The two Venetian twins: the story of Zanetto and Tonino back on stage al Masini of Faenza from today to Thursday 24 November (9pm) with the adaptation of Angela Damattè And Walter Malosti who also signs the direction. To interpret the piece, Mark Foschi And Daniel Nigrelli, together with Marco Manchisi, Irene Petris, Alessandro Bressanello, Anna Gamba, Valerio Mazzucato, Camilla Nigro, Vittorio Camarota, Andrea Bellacicco. The company will meet the public tomorrow 23 November (6.00 pm) in the foyer of the theater (free admission). The complexity of the work is underlined by the scenographic choices: there is the house of the Balanzoni family, but also a labyrinth of alleys and sometimes dangerous streets, where ambiguous characters meet. Unpunished murders, escapes, love affairs, recognitions… everything contributes to creating a perfect theatrical machine to which Zanetto and Tonino’s identical appearance adds entertainment, at the antipodes however for the quantity of salt in the pumpkin. The careful work on the language carried out by Malosti and Demattè also contributes to the depth of the characters thanks to the study of the “Works for music” and the “Memoires” of the great playwright. The two authors enter the Goldonian language laboratory and obtain for the characters “an Italian, and also a Venetian, dirtier – they explain -, less sweetened, rougher and more mischievous”.

They also pay particular attention to the female characters «thanks to the reverberations from other female characters. In fact, the actresses and actors often played similar characters who passed from comedy to comedy with minimal nuances and differences».

Many memories of life are scattered in this as in other comedies: including that risk of travel often threatened by brigands that Goldoni himself recalls in his memoirs as a personal experience, from which he had escaped practically in his underwear, the only survivor of the massacre. Written to enhance the skills of the great actor Cesare D’Arbes who played both twins, Goldoni himself underlined the peculiarities of the comedy which, contrary to the rules of the genre, sees one of the two protagonists die on stage. In his preface, however, it is he himself who clarifies that «that death, which would be hardly tolerated in a Tragedy, or in a Comedy, in this one of mine does not bring any sadness to the listener; but it amuses him for the ridiculous foolishness with which the poor unfortunate man is dying. I do not think my frank assertion arrogant, when I recall the laughter from which the spectators universally cheered, at the moment of his agonies and of his last breaths. (…) And whatever the severe Critics may say about it, it is certain that all those who have seen Zanetto’s death represented have confessed that it is one of the most ridiculous and newest pieces of the Comedy».

Ticket: 29-16 euros

Info: 0546 21306

At Masini in Faenza the “Venetian twins” of Malosti