Alberone: usury and extortion with the mafia method, assets seized for 1 million euros

They engaged in usurious loans and extortion, all aggravated by the “mafia method”. It was March 2021 when the police arrested five people linked to the Piromalli family of Gioia Tauro (Reggio Calabria) who did business in the San Giovanni area at the end of theoperation called Alberone, which took the name of the square where the organization operated at the Appio Latino.

A year and a half after the arrests, this morning the investigators of the Rome police headquarters carried out a seizure order of assets, aimed at the confiscation, against three brothers of Calabrian origin, the Piromallis, who had settled in the capital and are currently detained. which stood out for their close contacts with various criminal circles, including those of a mafia origin.

Already convicted with irrevocable sentences for criminal activities related to drug trafficking and other serious crimes, in March last year they were arrested, in execution of a precautionary custody order, as part of the operation called “Alberone”, conducted by the team mobile of the Rome police station and coordinated by the local public prosecutor’s office, for having set up a partnership, operating in the Appio Latino district, dedicated to the crimes of usury and abusive exercise of financial activity, with consequent extortion against the victims, against the which – in case of non-compliance – real punitive expeditions were organized. Furthermore, the same, making use of nominees, had devised a system of scams against credit institutions and financial companies, in order to finance their illegal usurious activity.

The modus operandi provided for the granting to various victims, almost all of them small entrepreneurs in the area, of sums of money to be repaid at interest ranging between 60% and 240% on an annual basis; on the occasion of non-payments or delays – for which “reprimands” were envisaged – the money was collected after threats and violent extortions, in many circumstances resorting to the contribution of a man who was used by the family as an “armed wing” to their service.

From the investigations of a patrimonial nature, conducted by the specialists of the anti-crime police division, which embraced the time span of about thirty years, a clear circumstantial picture of high and current social danger emerged in relation to all three brothers, correlated to a marked disproportion between the assets, in their direct or indirect availability, the standard of living led and the income declared to the tax authorities.

Accepting the proposal of the Rome police chief, the court of Rome therefore ordered the seizure of a patrimonial compendium worth around 1 million euros, including five real estate units located in northern Rome, 50% of the shareholdings of two joint-stock companies operating in the motor vehicle trade sector, formally registered in the name of third parties and a sum of money in cash amounting to approximately 100 thousand euros, in addition to financial assets present on credit reports.

Alberone: usury and extortion with the mafia method, assets seized for 1 million euros