A man of his word, of faith, of family and friend: Vallecamonica remembers Gian Mario Martinazzoli

From Tuesday morning, when Vallecamonica woke up with the news of the disappearance of Gian Mario Martinazzoli, the certificates of esteem and gratitude towards him have never stopped. They come from institutions, associations, the Catholic world to which Gian Mario was strongly attached, but also by the individuals who, for work or friendship, knew him and were able to appreciate his mild character and attentive personality.

They are really numerousin short, the people who in these hours are sharing their personal memory of Gian Mario, and who are going to his home in Malegno, for a last farewell and a hug to his wife Noris and his daughter Alessandra. Radio Voce Camuna, of which Gian Mario was director for more than thirty years, wanted to contact some of the people who were lucky enough to meet him along their path. How don Tino Clementiformer director of the Hermitage of Bienno, a structure to which Gian Mario felt close and which he often reached:

“The obituary reads ‘Your word is a lamp for my steps’ (Psalm 118, 105). I think it is the most appropriate expression for Gian Mario. A man of school, education, institutions and communications, a man of many words, he has never forgotten that there is only one word. I like to remember him as a free man, who made faith a precise choice of him and in faith he was attentive to culture, to history… Both universal, of the Church, and of our Valley. At the foot of the coffin I asked him to continue to do his job as a journalist in Heaven: to bring all our events, happy and sad, to the Father’s heart. I feel a physical emptiness: he is one of my friends who is failing, but he was also a guide, a teacher of life. I thank him for all this and I entrust it to everyone who knew him, sharing the same esteem “.

We also asked don Mario Bonomiparish priest of Breno, a memory of Gian Mario, strengthened by the knowledge he had of it through the Pro Familia Institute:

“This is how a young dad wrote to me, who, attending the Pro Familia and before the course for boyfriends, got to know Gian Mario: ‘A great man for sympathy, singularity, preparation, culture and above all for faith’. How not to subscribe, adding that everything was lived with discretion and humility, a sign of respect and infinite appreciation for anyone he had in front of him. Collaborator and friend, always attentive and sensitive, ready to make his closeness felt even in difficult moments. I think yes, that with annoyance he now welcomes these praises, but without rhetoric and with wet eyes, we entrust him to the mercy of the Father, to whom Gian Mario, in his profound introspective research, has always entrusted himself as a consoling reality, aware of the limit. of the human condition, but wide open to the unfathomable and ineffable Love of the ocean of Peace of the Trinity, in which it now lives. To all of us he leaves a legacy of a precious good to be preserved “.

The same Pro Familia Institute he wanted to remember Gian Mario’s active presence since “when he was engaged. A life lived with us, for his family and for all families ”. Martinazzoli was in fact Area Manager of the group of the Apostles of the Family, a role that he took very seriously, guiding young engaged and married couples in the various courses organized by the Institute, together with his beloved Noris. “In addition to losing a loved one”, they say from the Pro Familia, “the institute loses a precious collaborator. Deep connoisseur of the Founder Don Zuaboni and of the institute, with a great humility that could not mask his greatness “.

Over the years Gian Mario’s activity had extended to “Giuseppe Tovini” family clinic, of which he was a founding partner, former President and shareholder by right. “A person of great depth and charisma”, so he remembers Faustino Testini, president of the Consultorio, “always able to find a mediation and a meeting point, without ever renouncing the defense of the values ​​on which he based his entire personal and professional life. With a deep respect for human values ​​and the founding principles of the family. We will miss him ”.

And we at Radio Voce Camuna will miss him too, that Gian Mario has guided in all these years with a steady hand but never imposing his vision: his advice and indications were always given with the aim of helping us improve and give the best of us, without ever losing sight of the path of respect and polite communication. The thanks of all of us of Radio Voce Camuna passes through the words of our President, Marco Farisoglio:

“A sincere friend of my father Angelo, since he passed away he has been an excellent teacher for me and a point of reference in many areas, especially human ones. I can only feel esteem and affection for him. Even in this sad moment I want to thank him for the teachings he has given to me and to all those who have had the good fortune to work with him. I and the collaborators of Radio Voce will have to treasure the teachings that both my father and Gian Mario have given us, and with tenacity and humility carry on their work ”.


Last but not least, absolutely, the memory he wanted to reserve for him Fabrizio Prestinioperator of Teletutto, collaborator in the past also of our Radio but, above all, a fraternal friend of Gian Mario, with whom he shared hours of work, jokes, comparisons, always in the name of the utmost esteem and affection that one had for the ‘other, as all those who have seen them at work can testify:

“Dear Gian Mario, our journey lasted 22 years. Next to each other, up and down our Valle Camonica and beyond, on the many occasions that our beloved work has given us. To be precise that you loved so much, if we want to talk about knowledge and collaboration with Radio Voce Camuna and Giornale di Brescia, we will exceed 8 decades. A life.

We always joked about the fact that you would have gone before me and that at the time of the celebration, after the “monument” built by the various interventions, I would have timidly raised my hand to say who you really were, strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, the time has come to raise your hand. I will gloss over the flaws, they will remain a secret between us.

Difficult to fix the memories of such a long experience, difficult to tell you especially today when pain dulls thoughts and tears close the throat. A father, a brother, a friend, an irreplaceable work partner, a guide, a discreet adviser.

Lord why?

Dear Gian Mario, if you were here surely you would know how to find the words to give us the right interpretation of something that we must accept, clinging to faith in God’s inscrutable plan. How many times have we confronted ourselves on this issue.

Faith, yours, great, reasoned, deepened, shared and defended.

Alongside faith you have given me lessons in philosophy, theology, Italian, history, art, Latin, botany, geography over the years. Your great passion were books, thousands of volumes kept in the ‘private studio’ (as we called it).

‘I’ve read them all’ you said to me proudly and to confirm you showed me your marginal notes written in that tiny handwriting of yours. To my question when you lingered in the explanations with details and quotes, I snorted and you: ‘Scult though!’.

You were right, I had to listen but who could have thought your earthly time would run out so soon. Now it’s late and your voice remains forever engraved in the thousands of ‘pieces’ dedicated to the Valley.

Our beloved Valle Camonica, another thing we shared, the love for the land where we were born, expressed in the daily commitment to tell it. Orphan of you today, the Valley weeps for you and pays you the right homage.

Jokingly renamed by colleagues ‘Sandra and Raimondo’ for the squabbles and ironic digs we exchanged, a nod or a glance was enough to understand each other and if the interview did not satisfy you I invented a problem with the microphone to repeat it; little tricks to always achieve the result you wanted.

It was not your habit to show off your culture if not to kindly correct anyone, from the high prelate to the passer-by and you have never exhibited your degree in Cattolica and your diploma at ISEF.

Your irony, however, was not lacking in the quotations in front of an interlocutor, myself first, who evidently did not know them and was dumbfounded.

Dear Gian Mario, we must say goodbye but we know that we will meet again, just as you have already found Fulvio and Giuseppe whom you have strongly wanted to remember over the years, help us to overcome the test that is really great.

I will try in the years I have left to deserve the gift of your friendship. I pray for you, for Noris, for Alessandra, for your beloved Antonietta, for all your loved ones and above all for Mattia and Giorgio who will miss an extraordinary grandfather. Our family hugs you tightly. We all miss you. Thank you”.

Thanks Gian Mario, from all of us.

A man of his word, of faith, of family and friend: Vallecamonica remembers Gian Mario Martinazzoli