“A basic psychologist for all workers”. Uil Scuola’s proposal: “In South Tyrol between 30 and 40% of teachers go to the help desk inside the schools”

BOLZANO. “A basic psychologist for all workers”. This is the proposal of Uil Scuola which, from a reflection from the school world, aims to extend the theme to the whole of society. “Between 30 and 40% of teachers go to the psychological help desk inside the institutes “, reports the regional secretary Marco Pugliese.

For some time now in South Tyrol there has been talk of facilitatingaccess to the basic psychologist at school and not just for students. Only the August 9 last to cope with long-term effects of the pandemic and school closures which have caused stress and severe anxiety to students, the two-year project was approved “Business School Psychology” developed bySouth Tyrolean health authoritytogether withHealth care office and the health department.

However, we are not just talking about problems related to young and very young people: South Tyrol also offers support to families And school operators. Just in the Italian school, for example, have been active for years counseling desks for adultseach dedicated to a different area, with services offered during the school period.

Between 30 and 40% of teachers go to the psychological help desk inside the institutes – explains the regional secretary of Uil Scuola Marco Pugliese – and this is certainly an encouraging aspect. The psychologist is turning out to be one very useful figure, especially in the post-pandemic period which has left many concerns and difficulties on several levels. Not only, of course, among the students “.

Given the negative effects left by the pandemic this could turn out to be a “historic turning point” for a change in the perception of these sessions in society. “We all have to work to get rid of the wrong prejudice that working on one’s psyche and treating it is something to be embarrassed or, worse, ashamed of – he continues – not only trade unions but also entities, institutions and associations should periodically insist on good habit to take care of their psychic as well as physical well-being. Sometimes it is enough to simply start with a chat. “

Fromschool year 2022/23 the new counter was also activated “SOS Support “dedicated to the school staff to offer more targeted advice, specific for teachers, support teachers and Bes representatives of schools of all levels, from childhood to vocational schools.

Each institution has one psychologist who provides individual and / or group counseling for parents, teachers and pupils. In addition to being a useful sensor for detecting the internal needs of the school with a view to the prevention of uneasedeclares the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, and for the promotion of well-being, the service also acts as a filter to the social and health services of the territory for the eventual taking charge of problematic situations.

According to the data collected regarding it Let’s talk about itwhich offers psychological counseling and guidance to local services, in the last two years the requests for interviews are almost double: if during the school year 2020/21 there were 1744 interviews held, the school year 2021/22 this consultancy service has registered 3303. The most used were teachers, parents and students of the middle schools (44%), directly followed by those in high school (40.5%).

The trade union proposal therefore wants to extend to other sectors to be more general in nature. “Because of this – says Pugliese – I think it would be very useful to have a basic psychologist for everyone. Just as it happens for the family doctor. It would eliminate any first-time awkwardness by making everyone equal. Reiterating, moreover, the social importance of the psychologist in a historical period where burnout is an increasingly widespread danger. It would be a useful and profound prevention with benefits also for public health avoiding certain degenerations. Especially in the world of work “.

A need that had also been underlined by the world of politics even in Trentino before with the bill presented by the councilor Lucia Coppola of Europa Verde last April, then the June 10, 2022 by a proposal submitted by the first signatory, the councilor of the Patt Paola Demagriin collaboration with the colleague Sara Ferrari (Pd) and colleagues Paolo Zanella (Future) e Ugo Rossi (Action), who had assigned the document to the Fourth Commission.

In this latest bill the minority asked to establish a figure of one “basic psychologist” for citizens, which would flank the doctor of general medicine listening to the patient to identify his need and then direct him into most suitable route.

“A basic psychologist for all workers”. Uil Scuola’s proposal: “In South Tyrol between 30 and 40% of teachers go to the help desk inside the schools”