5 destinations to travel to Spain with children

When it comes to going on vacation or for a family weekend, it is important that the destination offers activities where children can enjoy the trip as much as adults. The “Association of the most beautiful villages in Spain” offers five places that will delight young and old.

Albarracin (Aragon-Teruel)

Albarracín is the ideal choice if you are looking for fresh air, nature, tranquility and a bit of magic. In addition, for the youngest, Albarracín offers the possibility of visiting its toy museumlocated in an old house in the locality.

In this collection, there are toys, but also a multitude of objects related to childhood, such as small kitchens, trains or construction games, as well as lead soldiers and school equipment. Parents will be able to see and touch the pieces with which they had fun in their childhood and the youngest will be able to discover new games. The museum also offers the possibility of visiting an exhibition of pieces from the 19th century.

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Albarracin

In addition to this museum, Albarracín offers the possibility of making nature walks thanks to its mountain range, which also hides a secret for the little ones: in one of its caves lived the most original dragon in the world, the greedy dragon.

This creature, unlike its more aggressive brethren, did not eat humans, but enjoyed sweets. But be careful, because although this dragon is not very dangerous, the Sierra de Albarracín hides another secret. The werewolves hide in its trees. This village, one of the most beautiful in Spainis a place full of legends that will make the imagination of the youngest members of the family run wild.

Lastres (Asturias)

This little fishermen village of Asturias is a place of mountains and palaces. One of the great attractions of Lastres is undoubtedly its port, where you can find pleasure boats that allow you to spend the day at sea enjoying the beauty of the Bay of Biscay. But for those who are not sure if they want to spend the day on a boat, there is always the traditional beach, a place where children can play and enjoy the sea.

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Lastres
One of the most beautiful fishing villages, Lastres

For the more adventurous, Lastres offers a trip to the past, 100 million years back. In the village of Lastres is the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, where the little ones can discover this historical era. They can see the fossil remains of these huge animals and marvel at the size of the dinosaurs through their replicas. The museum also organizes workshops for parents and children to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

For those who still want to know more about these animals, there is the “Coast of the Dinosaurs“, the name given to the beaches from Gijón to Ribadesella (including Lastres). This area is characterized by the abundance of footprints and skeletal remains of dinosaurs and other Jurassic reptiles. Along this stretch of coast , you can visit nine sites with these fossilized dinosaur footprints. Definitely the perfect village to visit if you have little explorers at home.

Laguardia (Basque Country – Alava)

The unique town of Laguardia occupies a privileged place in Rioja Alavesa. It is the cradle of archaeological discoveries and its streets retain the typical town planning of the medieval villages. Laguardia offers gastronomy and opportunities for pleasant family walks in its pedestrian streets, as well as a very attractive cultural and leisure offer.

One of the most interesting options for children are its underground caves. The history of these caves goes back five centuries. When Spain was unified in the 16th century, Laguardia lost its importance as a military town and ceased to be the scene of warlike clashes. There was a period of peace, which led to the growth and wealth of the town, thanks to the wine trade and the important families who settled in the Bonanza site, which is seen above all in the news buildings resembling palaces. The “bodegas” or family wine cellars, characteristic of Laguardia, were built throughout this century.

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Laguardia
The medieval city of Laguardia

This village could also be visited in its almost totality through the underground corridors that make up these cellars. Each house has its own underground cellar, the size of which is not proportional to that of the house to which it belongs; there are therefore huge houses with small cellars and vice versa. Their main function has been to store and preserve wine in the conditions it needs, although at times in history they may have served as shelters or “barracks” where war strategies were developed. .

Today, the only one of these caves which is open to the public is the Casa Garcetas, but during the visit children will be able to get an idea of ​​the history of these places. Laguardia is the ideal place to discover the hidden history of Spain.

Peñíscola (Region of Valencia – Castellón)

The idyllic town of Peñíscola, in the Valencia region, combines sun, beach and family leisure. It’s a medieval town on the seachaired by its great templar castle. Peñíscola is a city that does not disappoint anyone, and it is the ideal place for travelers who want to enjoy long days in the sun and for those who want to stroll through a city steeped in history.

The little ones will appreciate the castle of Peñìscola where Benedict XIII took refuge, better known as “Pope Moon” or Antipope, who spent his last years in this fortress, defending until his death his conviction of to be the true Pope of the Catholic Church.

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Peñiscola
Peñiscola, medieval town set on the sea and presided over by its great templar castle

The little ones will also love discovering the 5 kilometers of the promenade du waterfront from tourist train, which offers day and night routes. We highly recommend the north beach (which has obtained the ISO and AENOR quality certificates, the Q for tourist quality and the blue flag), or the south beach, from where kayaking lessons for adults and children are offered, to the quiet Plage des Veuves. The beaches of Peñíscola also have sports and leisure areas for children, which include facilities such as a three-dimensional spider web, pyramids, volleyball units and beach ball courts.

Mojacar (Andalusia – Almeria)

Almería hides a jewel of white houses and calm atmosphere called Mojácar. This town of narrow streets, flower-decked balconies and castles from different eras has a special charm that has made it one of the most visited places in the region.

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Mojacar
Mojacar is one of the most visited places in the region

Mojácar offers a wide variety of water sports and all kinds of maritime activities in one of its many specialized schools. Children can enjoy kayak, catamaran and pedalo rides. The beautiful beaches also offer children’s play areas, danger signs, children’s areas in restaurants, children’s menus, and nearby is the water park, which promises to keep the little ones entertained for hours with its swimming pools and slides.

This is just a small selection

But these are just some of the possibilities to spend a holiday or a family weekend in some of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The ideal option to disconnect while discovering the hidden corners of this beautiful country.

5 destinations to travel to Spain with children