10 things that prove you’re a Virgo

Published on September 13, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.

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This sign enjoys neither a flamboyant reputation nor an execrable image. Do you have trouble recognizing yourself in the characteristics of Virgo? If you see yourself in these ten points, there is no doubt about your astrological sign.

Good zodiac student, cosmic class representative and celestial valedictorian, Virgo does not have the most interesting image, we grant you that. But the one who follows the instructions with so much heart that they wince at your mistakes in agreement hides many qualities. Here are ten things that make you a perfect Virgo native, born between August 23 and September 23.

1. Organization is your workhorse

The last time a friend asked you to organize her birthday weekend, you provided her with a detailed Google Doc with a numbered plan and fallbacks in case of rain. You saw in his eyes that you had gone a bit too far and didn’t dare tell him that you weren’t as involved as you would have liked.

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2. Your judgment is based 50% on spelling, 50% on hygiene

Your meetings, whether romantic, friendly or professional, are subject to your rigor and your legendary requirement. Therefore, you expect a person to exhibit a wide selection of just about every quality in satisfying quantity. But mastering grammar and spelling as well as taking your toothbrush to work are clearly part of your selection criteria.

3. You are that person who asks for still water at the restaurant.

Simplicity, you raise it to the rank of art. Or rather, obsession. Excessively concerned about your health and the quality of what you eat, the restaurant is already bored for you. A bit of a control freak, once you’ve accepted the fact of eating something you haven’t prepared comes the fatal moment of ordering the drink. The ultimate Virgo fancy for special occasions? The slice of lemon.

4. Incompetence makes you want to kill

As we said, you expect a lot from those around you, but one thing could push you to let your legendary poker face slip: incompetence. Your personal Hell is paved with the tiniest mistakes you might make and those casually made by others. With every “it’s not that bad” or “relax,” you repress an inner wave of violence.

5. You are a human Saint Bernard

It is stronger than you, if you see (or even anticipate) the distress of a person, it is necessary that you remedy it personally. You go out of your way to be helpful and no one is as zealous as you to hold doors open for others. Let it be said, the problems of your neighbor’s sister-in-law are, of course, your problems.

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6. You organize your clothes by color

And almost all of your possessions in order of importance, size and, for books, genre. You also have very little respect for people who misplace objects and seem to ignore the basics of symmetry. Your bags always contain three others to compartmentalize the rare objects you deign to clutter up and yes, you feverishly tidy the waiting room before each medical appointment.

7. You have a green thumb

You are the queen of ficus pruning, the empress of chlorophyll and the captain of spring repotting. All the tobacco bars in France and Navarre could not express the pride you feel in front of your family of perfectly healthy green plants. You also provide for your friends’ needs and you frequently walk around with several cuttings on you.

8. Stress is second nature to you.

To tell the truth, you find the overconfidence of people who set only one alarm clock in the morning highly suspicious. Who do they think they are, exactly? If you are so in control of every micro-aspect of your existence (hence your abundant stress), it is precisely to avoid your greatest fear: failure. As a bonus, your stressed (and stressful) nature gives you the title hypochondriac of the zodiac.

9. You are very funny, but no one notices

No, you are not necessarily one of the first candidates that comes to mind when looking for the funniest signs of the zodiac. When you’re not looking for ways to improve your skills and the yield of your apartment garden, you’re carefully observing others. It is thanks to your sense of analysis and your love for the little things of everyday life that you are capable of the most hilarious punchlines, with the composure of a stand-up girl.

10. You get all worked up in the stationery department

It is often said that planning your daily life and polishing silverware at one in the morning are your only vices. But we are wrong. Anyone who has ever seen you in a stationery department has probably lost some respect for you. More than a passion, it’s a real addiction that represents two thirds of your monthly “regret” budget. Very economical the rest of the time, back to school is your “Black Friday”. Between brand new notebooks, the smell of freshly cut paper and the latest innovations in terms of pens, you are no longer answerable for anything.

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