Top 6 must

The new board game classics have nothing to envy to the old ones. Creative, collaborative, fast or endless, there is something for all ages and all tastes. Anne-Florence Perras, teacher at Lyon-3 and involved in the Salesian movement, worked on the rich selection of games that close Developing the talents of our children (coordinated by … Read more

Since July, he has also chosen a family doctor at the pharmacy

Throughout the province there are 240, an option for citizens in addition to the regional portal and ASST branches Silvio Puccio June 17, 2022 / pava Choose or change the general practitioner: from 5 July it will also be possible in one of the 240 pharmacies in the province. A service that facilitates less technological … Read more

National emergency for the rise in prices: blow of over two thousand euros per family

If this continues we will comply with the European diktats: finally insect eaters, who can be found free and everywhere and bicycle aficionados, or even tireless walkers: you naive Dutch people try to ride a bike in the villages of the Apennines. The alarm sounds everywhere, from Manzanarre to Reno, or rather from Po to … Read more

The investigation into BPA shows pressure to obtain data from the Pujol family


The investigation by the Andorran Justice of the former President of the Government Mariano Rajoy and his former Ministers of Economy and Interior, Cristóbal Montoro and Jorge Fernández Díaz, reflects pressure from the police officers of the time on the Banca Privada d’Andorra (BPA) to obtain data on alleged irregularities Pujol clan financiers. “I have … Read more

Before a symbolic restitution, the Lumumba family “without resentment” towards Belgium

“End the mourning” and “not remain in resentment”: the family of Patrice Lumumba wants to turn a personal and historical page by going to Belgium to recover a tooth from the Congolese hero of independence. This tooth seized by Belgian justice has the value of a “relic” in the eyes of the Congolese and should … Read more

«Blessed Giacomo Alberione? He was a special soul who perfumed God with ink “


Holy because he is a father, holy because he took care of others, holy because he is a man of prayer and life given in the apostolate. Certainly it will be necessary to wait for a second miracle for Don Alberione, already blessed, to rise to the honors of the altar, but, for his family, … Read more

The letter from the executor of Rocío Jurado about the Mohedano family and their inheritance

The open premiere of ‘In the name of Rocío’ is leaving us with a very outstanding moment. The docuseries starring Rocío Carrasco began with a letter from Ana Iglesias, Rocío Jurado’s executor, in which she speaks, among other memories of her friendship with her mother, about her family, especially the work of Amador Mohedano: “He … Read more

Search apartment or house: the budget of a family shocks Internet users (ZAPTV)

In the program Recherche appartement ou maison on Friday June 17 broadcast on M6, a family bristled the hair of Internet users, when it came to their requirements … and their exorbitant budget. Appeared with a small mustache in the unpublished Search apartment or house, Friday June 17 on M6, Stéphane Plaza had already raised … Read more