From 5 to 30 September the IV Assembly of the Charismatic Family Cottolenghina

For the first time international in character The IV Assembly of the Charismatic Family Cottolenghina opened on Monday 5 September at the Cottolengo in Turin, the first of an international character, with the participation of 400 delegates from the realities of the Little House present in Africa, Europe, North America, South America and India. The … Read more

Cavalli, the “teacher” who taught mathematics from the heart


A beautiful thinking head, a lively and ready intelligence very sensitive to scientific disciplines. But, above all, a big heart that made him appreciate the beautiful and simple things in life. Brenno Cavalli, a well-known and esteemed mathematics teacher, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 92. A native of Neviano Arduini, he was … Read more

OROSCOPO 29 Settembre 2022: previsioni segno per segno


Oroscopo 29 Settembre 2022 da Vivicentro per lui e lei, il barometro dell’umore e la pagella della giornata per ogni segno zodiacale. #oroscopo #29Settembre #terzapagina OROSCOPO 29 Settembre 2022: previsioni segno per segno Oroscopo Ariete: Cari Ariete, in amore dovete essere meno polemici. Meglio essere saggi e pazientare un po’ se qualcosa non va come … Read more

Billy Elliot, book card of the Melvin Burgess novel |


BILLY ELLIOT A scene from the musical Billy Elliot – Source: getty-images Billy Elliot is a book by Melvin Burgessand tells the story of a boy whose dream is to become a ballet dancer. The story is set in 1984 during one strike by miners involving Jackie Elliot – part of Billy – and her … Read more

Can we collect wood for heating in the forests?


Energy prices are skyrocketing, whether for gas, electricity or fuel oil, while wood is establishing itself as renewable energy, which is also the cheapest on the market, which makes it very coveted as winter approaches. Moreover, the demand is such that sellers of cubic meters of wood and granules or wood pellets are having a … Read more

Manuel Agnelli – Da solo con tutti | Rolling Stone Italia


Foto: Alessandro Treves. Direzione creativa: LeftLoft. Producer: Maria Rosaria Cautilli Intervista a un esordiente di 56 anni che ha scelto di fare le cose da solo (o quasi) per riabbracciare il mondo: l’album ‘Ama il prossimo tuo come te stesso’ nato a casa, dove Manuel Agnelli ci ha invitati per scattare le foto della nostra … Read more

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, Fusion and Neo: price and features


Back in February, we came across the Motorola Edge 30 Pro, a device that hit the market with great specs and a great price. Not satisfied with what has been achieved with this device, the company has decided to up the ante with the presentation of three new models. We’re talking about the Edge 30 … Read more