Only Fun, Dario Cassini show from the blue sea of ​​Numana

NUMANA – From the natural spectacle of the Conero pearl, Numana, where he lives with his son, at the “Only Fun-comedian show” on Discovery +. The absolute protagonist is an actor, comedian, show man and presenter. You recognized him, he is with us Dario Cassini.From 19 May at 21.25 on the Nove and a preview … Read more

Equivalent drugs, the ASL of Novara aims to network with specialists, family doctors and pediatricians to promote the prescription

In Italy in the year 2020 the agreed expenditure for expired patent drugs in band A was 67.6% of the total expenditure, slightly higher in the Piedmont Region with a percentage of 68% and 70.6% in the ASL of Novara. Spending on generic drugs accounts for about one third of spending on expired patent drugs … Read more

FAO: “Lo más importante es garantizar el acceso a la alimentación”

—¿Estamos realmente ante una crisis alimentaria? Y esto ¿cómo se evidencia? —Efectivamente estamos ante una crisis alimentaria porque los precios de los alimentos han subido de una manera escandalosa y esto está conectado, por supuesto, a toda esta crisis geopolítica en el Mar Negro. Suben de precio los energéticos, suben de precio por supuesto, los … Read more

Gigi D’Alessio at the Plebiscito, the concert event: thirty years of emotions

There is a red horn on the stage, to ward off the shadow of Friday 17 and the threat of rain. Gigi D’Alessio he had a song ready, “Chiove, stu sky is scary”, but it is no longer needed. Ten thousand seated in Piazza del Plebiscito, countless standing beyond the barriers following the event “One … Read more

The US calls for “justice” for the double murder in the Brazilian Amazon


The United States called this Friday (June 17) for “justice” for the murder of British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian expert on indigenous peoples Bruno Araújo Pereira in the Brazilian Amazon, while saluting the defenders of the rainforest. “We call for accountability and justice: we must collectively strengthen efforts to protect environmental defenders and journalists”, … Read more

Alain Chabat: A genius draw…

Of an almost British phlegm, the always youthful look, the actor crowds the red carpet of Cannes, Saturday May 21, to present Smoking makes you cough a cinematographic UFO signed Quentin Dupieux, perched director who also signs with him Incredible but trueanother feature film “odd” released on June 15th. Sunday, May 22, rebelote. Sunglasses and … Read more

The Cesaroni, who can forget the troubled story between Marco and Eve?

The Cesaroni, the very nice extended family consisting of Giulio, Lucia and their children, which met with great interest and success from 2006 to 2014, is a six-season Italian fiction produced by Mediaset. The stories of the Cesaroni family take place in the popular Roman neighborhood of Garbatella where Lucia and Giulio live, two ex-boyfriends … Read more

They organize a large agenda of family activities to spread the impact of plastic pollution on the environmental crisis

Plays, mobile clean points and citizen education around the problem of plastic are some of the activities that are being carried out during the month of June. The initiative is promoted by the European Union, Fundación Chile, the Ministry of the Environment and the Municipalities of Valdivia, La Unión, Panguipulli and San Antonio. With the … Read more