From Princess Diana to Trump: the daring art of Alison Jackson

A peculiar photo of Camilla Parker Bowles, the queen consort of England, was making the rounds on the internet after the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced. In the image, the wife of King Carlos III is supposedly seen sitting on the throne, wearing underwear, having a drink and smoking a cigar, while the … Read more

End clap for “Plus belle la vie”: teams moved by the challenge of “renewing themselves”

The end clap will resound Thursday in Marseille for the last filming of “Plus belle la vie”. For a few weeks now, the members of this audiovisual adventure have each in turn left, with emotion, a series that has accompanied millions of viewers. After eighteen years of broadcasting and 4,665 episodes shot, the last take … Read more

Tim Burton guest at Lucca Comics and Games 2022 for the European preview of the “Wednesday” series


Lucca Comics and Games the great fair of comics, video games and cinema (and much more) to be held in Lucca from Friday 28th October to Tuesday 1st November this year it is ready to break all records. The “bombshell” news of the last few minutes, just announced at the press conference, is that director … Read more

The Moncloa. 09/28/2022. Darias: Excellence, commitment and unity are fundamental values ​​of the SNS to address the challenge of childhood cancer [Prensa/Actualidad/Sanidad]


Darias has attended the inauguration of this Congress which starts in Barcelona together with the president of the SIOP, Kathy Pritchard-Jones; the Government delegate in Catalonia, María Eugènia Gay Rosell; Dina Mired from Jordan, Patron of SIOP; and the director of the WHO on global pediatric cancer initiative, Roberta Ortiz. Thus, the minister pointed out … Read more

After 4,665 episodes, “Plus Belle La Vie” is shooting the last today in Marseille


FRANCE 3/FRANCOIS LEFEBVRE PBLV FRANCE 3/FRANCOIS LEFEBVRE “Plus Belle La Vie” will end on November 18, 2022. TV SERIES – End clap for More beautiful life, which begins its very last shoot this Thursday, September 29. For a few weeks now, the members of this audiovisual adventure have each in turn left, with emotion, a … Read more

Home automation and remote control to help the elderly alone: ​​Asl Vercelli launches the experimentation in Santhià


ReAction is a European hospital-territory integration project that was presented on Wednesday 21 September in Santhià, as part of the initiatives ofAsl Vercelli for the European Day of Cooperation. The event was attended by many administrators of the territory, representatives of the voluntary associations and of the social-welfare Consortiums. The importance of the initiative was … Read more

Roland dies on the Place de Mistral after a beautiful family reunion


Discover the detailed summary of More beautiful life in advance episode 4630 of Monday October 3, 2022 broadcast on France 3 with New TV. Celine and Vincent finally manage to find each other, Leo is lost while Alexandra wants to take the time for her secret. A tragedy occurs at the mistral with the death … Read more