A hopeful clue to the family of Sofía Herrera, who disappeared in 2008

Almost 15 years after the disappearance of Sofia Herrera in Tierra del Fuego, his mother María Elena Delgado asked for the first time what perform a DNA test on a 17-year-old girl from the province of San Juan because of the great physical resemblance he has with his daughter. “Could be about her”said the woman, … Read more

“A narcissistic sociopath”: employees of the British royal family point against Meghan Markle in a book that reveals details of the coexistence with the former duchess | Screams and whims

The book “Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown”, brand new work by Valentine Low, correspondent for The Times newspaper and specialist in royalty, reveals the alleged mistreatment to which Meghan Markle subjected the staff who assisted herwho to this day remembers her as a “narcissistic sociopath”. “Meghan Markle was a narcissistic sociopath who was … Read more

Zaira Nara confirmed her separation from Jakob Von Plessen: “We decided to give this family another shape”


Zaira Nara and Jakob Von Plessen were together for eight years A few days after his sister Wanda confirm your separation from Mauro Icardithis monday afternoon was Zaira Nara who surprised by announcing in their stories of Instagram the break with Jacob Von Plessenthe father of her two children Malaika Y Viggo. “After eight unforgettable … Read more

Jordi San José praises the family in his first book


The former mayor of Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Jordi San José, has made his debut as a writer with the book ‘Estimades Families’, in which he makes visible the diversity of family realities that exist in most educational centers in Catalonia. Using his own experience, the author narrates the vital adventures of two teachers, Anna … Read more

“It’s retraumatizing”: The family of a Jeffrey Dahmer victim attacks the “cruel” Netflix series


Last week, Netflix and Ryan Murphy premiered a new series that explores the life of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The series is told from the perspective of its victims and stars Evan Peters like Dahmer, who in 1992, was convicted of murdering 16 people, mostly gay black men. He also committed necrophilia and cannibalism … Read more

An isolated family with tuberculosis asks for help to eat and rent


Eight members of a family are isolated with tuberculosis and need help to feed themselves and cover basic needs. It is a marriage with six children between 10 years and 50 days old. They live in the western area of ​​the city of Neuquén. Berenice and Jorge Ocampo learned that they could be victims of … Read more

The Crown “is a drama, not a documentary”: Royal family seeks to protect reputation of Carlos III


Buckingham Palace has moved to protect King Charles’ reputation from an “exploitative” Netflix dramatization of his acrimonious marriage and divorce to Princess Diana, and his affair with Queen Consort Camilla, in the fifth season of “The Crown “. The popular royal drama will focus on the divorce of the then Prince and Princess of Wales … Read more

Family tree: the specialists who will help you build the history of your family


The Afro-Peruvian content creator, publicist and model Natalia Barrera was made an offer that she could not refuse: to build her family tree. It was offered to him by a young man passionate about science, named Camilo Dolorier, who since 2020 has dedicated himself to scrutinizing who someone’s ancestors are through the account he has … Read more

Five Asmodee board games for you to enjoy with friends, family or whoever


There is probably some board game that you remember from your childhood: Grand Capital, Attack, Ludo or other classics. The truth is that the board game industry is huge and growing. There are more and more options to enjoy an entertaining afternoon of challenges. Asmodee knows this very well. ANDIt is one of the world’s … Read more