Electricity and gas, the increases come in the family. From 1 October stinged between 60 and 100%: “In Irpinia there is an alarm for pensioners and low

More than a red October for Italian citizens, this year will be autumn in red. The clear cause is the increases in energy and gas which, inevitably, will weigh on the coffers and risk endangering family budgets. The date to be circled on the calendar is October 1st. From next month, in fact, the costs … Read more

Intimidation of the Manca family, the mother Angela: “Aren’t you satisfied with Attilio’s blood yet?”

Belcolle urologist who died at Grotticella – Poisons in the garden, complaint filed Attilio Manca with his mother Angela Viterbo – (sil.co.) – Intimidation of the family of Attilio Manca, the urologist from Belcolle killed by the mafia, according to the parents Gino to Angela 88 and 78 years old, in his house in Grotticella … Read more

Complications from covid? He dies at 14. The family wants answers. Autopsy arranged


An entire community in tears for a young life that flew away too soon. Casamassima she is astonished after the death of the 14 year old Joshua Mazzone died yesterday for reasons all to be clarified. Or rather: the parents ask that clarity be made about what happened. Officially he would have died from complications … Read more

Il patto di famiglia tra divieto di patti successori e donazione modale


L’articolo analizza l’istituto del patto di famiglia, la cui recente introduzione ha rappresentato una importante novità nel sistema del diritto successorio, soprattutto in considerazione del fatto che nel nostro Paese è piuttosto diffusa la presenza di imprese a carattere familiare. In particolare, si affronta la tanto complessa quanto dibattuta questione relativa al suo inquadramento giuridico … Read more

Piedmont invests in family and community nurses

by Barbara Carisio 26 SEPT – Dear Director,the regional “Health and Welfare” Directorate of Piedmont coordinated a multidisciplinary and interprofessional working group made up of the various stakeholders – regional coordination of the Orders of the health professions, the Piedmontese universities, the regional health authorities, the AIFeC Association (Association of Family Nurses and Community) – … Read more



To begin with, the name sounds good, however you say it (Dear-peaceand God knows if we need it, or Carapacethat is, the shell of the turtle, chosen at the time by Arnaldo Pomodoro as an inspiring icon and ideal model for the splendid “sculture in which you can enter”Which houses the fascinating Umbrian cellar of … Read more

Real estate investment: how to protect income, assets and family


Protecting your real estate investment is what Andrea Carbone, creator of Smileconomy, defines as “a duty towards ourselves and our loved ones”. Also because, often, the greatest risks lurk precisely in retail operations. We Wealthwith the support of Carbone and Alberto Saiu (chief business development director of One Underwriting, Aon group), he mapped the main … Read more

«Me and my family inside the nightmare» 17 months of tensions for a deleted post


The merchant Fabio Tordi and the “stormy” relationship with Santamaria now in prison: “Forced to live elsewhere” Fabrizio Guerrini September 25, 2022 History «I thought I was helping to create a space to discuss local politics and Voghera’s problems: I ended up in a nightmare, which, the more I think about it, the more everything … Read more

Harry and Meghan, a book reveals new background on the royal family


Meghan Markle could return, despite herself, the protagonist of the front pages of tabloids and magazines, not only English. Excerpts from a book written by a journalist who knows the Windsor house closely make the British family tremble, but especially the Dukes of Sussex. An upcoming book It is called “Courtiers: the hidden power behind … Read more