Nan Goldin, the Golden Lion in Venice and the artist as an activist

“The fact that I could die of AIDS in 1989, isn’t that a political issue? Isn’t the fact that I don’t have health insurance and I don’t have access to treatment, isn’t it a political issue?”David Wojnarowicz, 1990 “My political conscience was born with David Wojnarowicz”Nan Goldin, All the beauty and the bloodshed (2022) In … Read more

Andrea Giambruno, who is Giorgia Meloni’s partner: that spark broke out on TV and video calls

Behind the victory of Giorgia Meloni there is Andrea Giambruno. Charming, tall and always well dressed. They are not married, but a great one unites them love: especially for the daughter Geneva, born in 2016. With the commitments that absorb them every day, it is not easy for them to see each other. And so … Read more

Crisula Stafida: “Far l’attrice è un bel lavoro di introspezione!” – Intervista esclusiva


Sacrificio, gavetta e studio: determinata e testarda, Crisula Stafida non ha dubbi su ciò che permetta a una giovane donna come lei di realizzare il sogno di diventare attrice. Contro tutto e contro tutti. L’abbiamo intervista in esclusiva alla vigilia del suo ritorno in tv per una mini serie di Canale 5. Crisula Stafida è … Read more

Prime Video, le migliori Serie TV del 2022 (aggiornate a settembre)


Dai titoli originali a quelli proposti in esclusiva, nel nostro speciale aggiornato ogni mese trovate tutte le Serie TV da non perdere sulla piattaforma di video in streaming di Amazon. Come ogni anno cerchiamo di mettere ordine tra i moltissimi titoli che gli abbonati ad Amazon Prime trovano nell’immenso catalogo di Prime Video, il servizio … Read more

Dahmer, the family of one of the victims criticizes Netflix


Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on show news The new Ryan Murphy television series was recently presented on Netflix, Monster – The story of Jeffrey Dahmer, a show that is enjoying huge success. But, in addition to the consensus, this series is also collecting several harshly critical words: those of the families … Read more

Listen to TV Sunday 25 September 2022: Soliti Ignoti, Seriously


The listen to tv of a (expected) election Sunday, which saw the second evening come alive with specials and post-vote marathons to follow the count live. A ‘vigil’ that also changes prime time, since some fiction have been postponed to less hectic Sundays and that appointments such as It is not the Arena by Massimo … Read more

The life dreamed of by Georgie Stone: review


The documentary, through archive footage, shows us Georgie Stone’s growth and transition path The life dreamed of by Georgie Stone is a short documentary, lasting about half an hour, directed by Maya Newell and written by the protagonist Georgie Stone, who also actively participated in the production. The film was bought by Netflix, which has … Read more

2nd generation Echo Show 5: almost 60 euros discount on Amazon


With a HD touchscreen display from 5.5 “ it’s a 2 MP cameraL’Echo Show 5 from second generation from Amazon uses a lot of new features that expand traditional Alexa skills. With Dual-band Wi-Fi and two microphones, connects to your home wireless network and lets you intuitively play music, video chat with friends, check weather … Read more

House Of The Dragon Season 1, Episode 6 Finale Explanation


WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Fire & Blood and House of the Dragon season 1, episode 6! House of the Dragon season 1, episode 6 The chaotic ending of episode 6 prepares for the many brutalities that will come in the Dance of the Dragons. “The Princess and the Queen” picks up 10 years … Read more

The Empress, the new Netflix series about Princess Sissi will be the new The Crown?


Coming to Netflix in late September The Empressa new six-episode miniseries that will tell the story of the assassination of Princess Sissi of Austria, the “most beautiful woman in Europe”. It will retrace the life of the Duchess Elizabeth of Bavaria who lost two children and her sister to an accidental fire before being murdered … Read more