Zachary Levi’s Heartbreaking Letter About “The Only Reason” He Didn’t End His Life 5 Years Ago

Zachary Levi, 42 years old, has spent half his life dedicated to acting. He became known for his role as chuck in the Josh Schwartz series and also for voicing the protagonist of ‘tangled‘ with Mandy Moore.

His quick smile, sense of humor, and singing talent made him one of those versatile actors perfect for Broadway or a romantic comedy, although notnever finished standing out in his carrer.

That all changed in 2017 when was chosen as the new star of the DC Universe, as the superhero protagonist of ‘Shazam!‘, which was very well received by the public and is now close to releasing its sequel, whose trailer you can see above.

However, ever since his popularity exploded, Levi has been very keen to use his massive platform to speak out and raise awareness about Mental health, always ensuring that the therapy saved his life. The actor has even published a book, ‘Radical love’, where he talks about his ordeal.

Now, on the occasion of Thanksgiving in the United States, he has published with an adorable photo of his 6 year old nephew a heartbreaking letter explaining what happened 5 years ago, when he was about to end his life.

It is best that you read his words in full, so here is his translated message:

“I look at this little guy and i see my life. Not just because of the obvious genetics. I mean, it’s like looking in the coolest, dizzying mirror. Even though he’s not “mine”, his parents are sooooo lucky that he somehow got sooooo much out of his uncle’s style. But on a much, much deeper level I also see my life. He was the real reason i didn’t end my life 5 years ago.

He was only one year old at the time. He was just a baby. He barely knew him, and he knew me even less. He didn’t really care about me the loss i thought i might feel at the time, because, you know, I was a baby. The whole reality of him was based on drinking the juice of the teats, shitting his pants, and conquering all the women, as it should be. By the time he was smart enough to understand what had happened, it would have no real effect on his little heart or mind. But that is only a half truth.

Once I allowed myself to realize how would cause chaos in the lives around me if i ended my life especially my sisters, all I could imagine is how much of that pain would fall to him inevitably. The anger and confusion and sadness that would be a part of her vacations and family gatherings, at least throughout her growing up years. And with it the amount of psychological trauma he would experience from it all.

Just five years ago I was almost done with it all due to years and years of unhealed psychological trauma, and in the midst of that sadness the idea of ​​passing that on to this little soul was the only thing that kept me out from an early grave. Because I couldn’t stand that. She deserved to grow up in the healthiest, happiest and most loving family and home possible. He deserved to have a mother who could be there for him completely, and not have her continue to suffer for anyone. the emotional damage that I left him and the rest of my family and my friends.

So today I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for all my blessings impossible to quantify. I am thankful for my wonderful friends and family, and all their love. But above all, I’m thankful for the moment of clarity in the midst of my obscurity that kept me from trying to solve a very temporary problem with a very permanent solution. Happy Thanksgiving everyone,” she finishes.

Your post has reached thousands of people in just a few hours and has been filled with messages of heart, affection and gratitude for still being here and for being so vulnerable in case your story can help more people.

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Zachary Levi’s Heartbreaking Letter About “The Only Reason” He Didn’t End His Life 5 Years Ago