Why Rob Zombie’s Munsters reboot has so many new characters

The Munsters, Rob Zombie’s long-awaited reboot of the hit 1960s TV series The Munsters, will introduce several new characters. Zombie, as a self-declared superfan of The Munsters series, has stated that he has been chasing this project for more than 20 years. There are new characters, old characters, revived characters in one episode, and even two characters from the original that have been recast in the film. Zombie’s attention to detail in recreating even the smallest things is proof that The Munsters movie is a love letter to the old show.

The titular couple of both the series and the reboot of The Munsters movie are Herman and Lily Munster. Like strange American suburban disciples, they seemed strange to normal, but to themselves they were normal ones. Rob Zombie has preserved and even enhanced the appearance of both Herman and Lily. In The Munsters trailers, their clothes appear to be of better quality than those on the TV show. Grandpa, aka The Count, sports a new handlebar mustache and massive mutton chops. The three main characters are easily recognizable.

However, some other characters will definitely not be familiar to viewers. The Munsters is in a feature-length format, as opposed to the 1960s TV sitcom, so Zombie has a little more creative freedom. Adding five new characters to a half-hour show could be confusing and confusing. Dr. Henry August Wolfgang, aka “Transylvania’s most famous mad scientist”, and his hunchbacked assistant, Floop, are two new characters from Rob Zombie’s mind. There is also Zoya Krupp, an eccentric-looking mystery woman, and Barbara Carr, the number one real estate agent in all of Mockingbird Heights. Lily’s ex-boyfriend Orlock, a dead man for Max Schreck, will also be present, adding a love triangle dynamic. Any changes made to the casting pay homage to the original, with Zombies honoring characters from the past by adding their own to the mythology.

Which original Munsters characters are missing from Rob Zombie’s reboot

In a divisive move by Rob Zombie, he’s cutting out some classic characters, but bringing three characters from an episode of the TV show back to life. Lester the Werewolf, Lily Munster’s brother, appears, as does Uncle Gilbert, who bore a striking resemblance to the Black Lagoon Creature on the TV show The Munsters. Zombo, Eddie Munster’s favorite TV personality (until he was disappointed to discover that Zombo was just a simple man in makeup, wig and false teeth) will also make a comeback.

However, Eddie Munster himself will not appear, which is strange. Since the reboot is a prequel, Eddie and Marilyn Munster’s actors have aged from their original roles, so Zombie has reformulated them into different roles. Pat Priest, who played Marilyn Munster, is recast as Transylvania Airlines announcer, and Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster, will appear as the Tin Man. Another interesting twist is Rob Zombie who transforms Igor, who was Grandpa Munster’s pet bat on the original TV show, into the loyal servant of the Munster family.

The film appears to be a Zombie-style retelling of the original The Munsters TV series, minus the blood that Zombie is best known for. An overly saturated palette and Zombie’s love of off-center perspective framing make the film appear more stylized than the original TV series. However, its loyalty to key elements of the show, such as the Munster house at 1313 on Mockingbird Lane and Herman Munster’s thunderous laugh, preserves the spirit of the television series. The additional characters in The Munsters movie are nothing more than a tribute to an act of love for the original.

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