Why 1982 THE DEED?


A couple of weeks ago, thanks to the intervention of God and the help of generous people, the screening of our documentary film began in theaters 1982 THE DEED. The objective of this documentary was to highlight the example of our war veterans. They reflect many of the values ​​and virtues that silently nourish the roots of our country.

Thanks to my parents, throughout my upbringing, I was exposed to the stories of national heroes like San Martin and Belgrano, who gave their all for our independence more than two centuries ago. But I also met countless examples of contemporary people who had made historic efforts for the construction of Argentina, although without much recognition, but not for that reason of lesser value.

The stories of heroes are vital examples in which we can find a space for union that we need so much as Argentines. I am convinced that the cause for the Malvinas presents us with countless examples of said heroes, and consequently constitutes a stainless link in the chain of events that makes up the identity of our country. In Malvinas we find civic virtues and extraordinary efforts such as humility, service, dedication, the just fight for noble causes. Its virtues indicate the paths that we can travel to initiate State policies that return Argentina to the place it deserves in the world.

Many years have passed in which we have seen how men and women who have given much for our country were hidden and exiled to the margins of society. Discussions on the public agenda look the other way, clouding the speeches of the media and public actors, deepening the petty conflict between political factions.

Malvinas is the only cause that unites all political factions and transcends any social sector. It is essential, therefore, that the heroes of Malvinas do not live in the shadows and that they come to light. Because by recognizing the heroes that we have walking by our side, we will be possessed of a healthy pride and an optimistic spirit that assists our efforts in facing the challenges of the future.

I deeply believe that every April 2 is a day of pride and respect. Respect for all the fallen and relatives of the fallen who have given their lives (perhaps the most valuable thing one possesses) for the country. And pride because exemplary Argentines live in our land, who, humble and dedicated, did not hesitate to fulfill their duty. They left their places and turned their lives into a testimony of love and dedication for the country.

The foundations of every society are found in the stories of its heroes. And our heroes are in Malvinas. What awaits us, then, if the Malvinas page continues to be omitted by the political parties on duty? Or if it is not truly taught in schools again? Are we going to let the delivery of the men of virtue who made their lives a testimony for future generations become unsuccessful? Forgetting that Gesta would mean undermining our identity. Where can we go if we don’t know who we are or where we come from?

I believe that all political parties are faced with the duty of establishing common positions on which to build a State project that has the Malvinas cause as its cornerstone. Thanks to this cause, we will be able to build long-term agreements that are vitally necessary for our current political system.

That is why I believe that, in order to grow as a country, it is essential that the story of our heroes, illustrated in the documentary film 1982 THE DEED, reach every corner of Argentina, every school, every square, every heart. Then all Argentines will be able to grow in admiration of the virtues of their heroes and make their own the values ​​they embody, find common ground among all Argentines and be able to build great national agreements necessary for the future.

* Graduate and Professor in Political Science, Associate Producer of 1982 LA GESTA.

Why 1982 THE DEED?