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During Dragon Con 2022’s Warehouse 13 reunion panel, Eddie McClintock, Allison Scagliotti, Mark Stern, and Jack Kenny announced their pursuit of a Warehouse 13 reboot. This announcement was met with an eruption of cheers; this momentum has since fueled an online movement on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Tumblr using the tags “#RebootWarehouse13” and “#Warehouse13”.

The fan-led online movement has amassed plenty of posts from fanatics, most of whom have taken to social media to share their favorite scenes, funny GIFs and open calls for Syfy, Peacock or NBC Universal to take on Warehouse 13 .

Since the reboot is still in the early stages of pre-production, little to no casting or plot information has been released. Using the original Warehouse 13 canon, announcements made so far, and current cast production schedules, here’s a look at who could be in Warehouse 13, the reboot.

Characters who will likely reprise their roles


Eddie McClintock starred as Pete Lattimer, the muscular and comedic “himbo” male protagonist of Warehouse 13. Pete Lattimer appeared in all sixty-four episodes before the show ended in 2014. McClintock remained active in the spheres Warehouse 13, with the Warehouse 13 themed t-shirt sales, frequent convention appearances, and holding a torch for the social media show.

McClintock is one of the main showrunners for the upcoming reboot, and he was the one who officially broke the news that the creators were in early talks for production. Although he hasn’t officially clarified which capacity he will be in, McClintock’s high level of involvement at this early stage in the project’s development indicates that he will likely reprise his role.


Allison Scagliotti starred as Claudia Donovan, a former antagonist, current warehouse worker, and possible warehouse keeper. Her character met a younger sister, adoptive daughter role in the found family archetype for which Warehouse 13 is so well known. Scagliotti appeared in sixty of the sixty-four episodes of Warehouse 13. Like McClintock, Scagliotti is one of the showrunners and was present at the Dragon Con 2022 panel when McClintock made his announcement.

In addition to defending his support, Scagliotti reposted the ad on social media and encouraged fans to continue the campaign online at “#RebootWarehouse13.” Allison Scagliotti has repeatedly expressed that she is ready to return as Claudia. Because she made the announcement alongside McClintock and former creators and has been very supportive online, she’s likely to reprise her role in the upcoming reboot.


Aaron Ashmore played the empathetic and empathetic character of Steve Jinks. Ashmore appeared in thirty-six of the sixty-four episodes of Warehouse 13 after his character was introduced at the start of the third season. He was part of the Warehouse 13 reunion panel at Dragon Con 2022, where McClintock announced early development for a reboot.

Since then, Ashmore has been posting about the revival and encouraging fans to continue their campaign online. His open show of support and advocacy alongside Scagliotti and McClintock indicates he’s likely to return as Steve Jinks in the reboot.


Saul Rubinek played Artie Nielsen, the boss, pseudo-adoptive father and guy in the chair of Warehouse 13. He appeared in all sixty-four episodes of the series, and his character is generally seen as the glue holding the agents together. and warehouse together. Where Myka, Pete, Steve, and Claudia all have partnerships and cross-group relationships in their four-agent party, Artie navigated group dynamics to forge unique relationships with each character individually.

The past few years have been busy for Rubinek. He starred in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Hunters, Billions, BlackBerry, Clock and Schitt’s Creek. Additionally, he wrote, directed, and starred in his own play, All In The Telling, a theatrical composition of his Jewish family’s experience during World War II in Poland. His most recent productions are in post-production, which means there is no potential conflict with an ongoing project. That, coupled with his online support and past willingness to return to the show, Saul Rubinek will likely return to the project.

Characters who could reprise their roles


Jaime Murray portrayed chaotic antagonist turned fellow Warehouse 13 agent HG Wells. His character appeared in fifteen out of sixty-four episodes, in addition to frequent mentions of other characters. HG Wells has become a fan favorite, with much of the Warehouse 13 fanbase “sending” him along with the show’s lead Myka Bering. HG is technically alive in the series finale, but the answer to whether she’ll return is… convoluted for several reasons.

Syfy originally green-lit a spin-off for HG Wells due to the success of Warehouse 13’s third season. The project was helmed by Warehouse writers Jack Kenny and Bob Goodman. Conceptually, this would have taken place in an 1890s steampunk environment, similar to that shown in HG’s flashbacks. Due to a myriad of events – Syfy announcing the show before it was officially launched and funded, Jack Kenny wanting to delay production until after Warehouse 13, a struggle to find a suitable filming location – the HG Wells spin-off was canceled before starting production.

By this time in the series, HG Wells had fewer appearances because his main storyline had already happened at the end of season three. Her final episodic storyline of season four (“Instinct”) became a point of contention between her and writer Jack Kenny.

In the end, Jaime Murray remained silent about the announcement of a possible reboot. She’s a much-loved fan favorite of the show, but her history with the creators of Syfy/Warehouse and her silence during the reboot indicate she could reprise her role.

Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering


Joanne Kelly starred as the show’s co-frontman Myka Bering opposite Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock). His character is alive and well in the series finale, so canonically Bering could make a reappearance. As one of the main ensemble cast members of Warehouse 13 and the other half of a fictional romantic relationship with HG Wells, Myka is a fan favorite and the focus of the series. Like McClintock, Joanne Kelly appeared in all sixty-four episodes of the show before it ended in 2014. Unlike McClintock, she is not currently part of the team advocating for a Warehouse 13 reboot.

Joanne Kelly’s experience with Warehouse 13 is similar to that of Jaime Murray. She has publicly defended her character’s writing, performance, and reception. However, she had qualms with the direction the creators of Warehouse 13 took for Myka and HG Wells. The showrunners initially let Murray and Kelly act out their interpretation of Myka/HG’s relationship, but that ultimately changed during season four and the end of the series. During a Clexacon 2021 virtual reunion panel, Kelly cited a mixture of creative differences in the writing and the era in which Warehouse 13 aired to explain his frustrations.

Kelly has notoriously abstained from social media. Therefore, there were no statements or demonstrations of support for the future reboot, but that’s to be expected from someone not actively online. Additionally, she is currently playing the role of Letitia Dryden on Showtime’s City On A Hill. Due to the lack of evidence of her feelings about a Warehouse reboot, her mixed feelings about the show’s writing, and her current production schedule, there’s a chance that Joanne Kelly will reprise her role. from Myka.


Kelly Wu played Abigail Chow, the bed and breakfast innkeeper after Leena’s death, as well as Warehouse’s unofficial psychotherapist. She appeared in six episodes out of the series’ sixty-four episodes. Warehouse management asked him to help Artie deal with his grief and generally help with the welfare of the agents. Her storyline was considerably short, as she was introduced at the end of season four and made guest appearances throughout the final season.

Kelly Wu has had a busy production year. In 2022, she starred in BMF, Joe Baby, Solar Opposites, Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons, Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends To Die For, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, The Legend of Vox Machina and Catwoman: Hunt. Her current production schedule suggests there is a chance she will reprise her role.

As the creators of Warehouse 13 discern details of the upcoming Warehouse 13 reboot, more announcements are sure to follow. Time will tell if these original cast will return to their warehouse roles.

Which Warehouse 13 characters could return in the next reboot? | Pretty Reel