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Taking the reins as Texas Ranger Cordell Walker from Chuck Norris, Jared Padalecki directs the Walker reboot series in the lead role. Mainstream viewers will obviously remember Padalecki from Supernatural in which he plays protagonist Sam Winchester.

Besides the Supernatural star, Walker’s cast also includes newcomers as well as more experienced character actors. The entire ensemble has had a multi-genre filmography, including popular series like Pretty Little Liars and The X-Files, as well as more niche films such as Election and Cloverfield.

Jared Padalecki – Supernatural (2005-2020)

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Jared Padalecki, who plays the lead role of Walker, rose to stardom with Supernatural, the 15-season show that dealt with two brothers encountering all manner of demons, ghosts, ghouls, and other types of supernatural beings. But as they continue their paranormal adventures, the Winchester brothers must also deal with the burden of their family of ghost hunters.

Alongside Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester respectively, Padalecki also appeared in Gilmore Girls and 2000s horror films such as House of Wax and Friday The 13th, but Supernatural remains his screen credit. more popular with Walker.

Lindsey Morgan – The 100 (2014-2020)

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Cordwell’s new partner on the Texas Rangers is Micki Ramirez, played by Lindsey Morgan. The Georgia-born actress was previously known for her role as mechanic Raven Reyes in the Netflix sci-fi series The 100.

Set a hundred years after the destruction of Earth, The 100 finds the titular group of juvenile delinquents loose in the dystopian remnants of the planet. Their goal is to understand the habitability of the world, but larger conspiracies are uncovered when they come into contact with the descendants of survivors left behind. Ramirez’s mechanic works on the Ark, the orbiting spacecraft that housed those who managed to leave the planet. But her fearless and rather reckless attitude leads her to return to Earth and explore deeper truths.

Molly Hagan – Election (1999)

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Back home in Texas, Cordwell Walker not only has to take care of his children but also his mother who is played by Molly Hagan, an actress who has appeared in several character roles in film and television.

She also starred alongside Matthew Broderick in Alexander Payne’s cult satire Election. As the title suggests, the 1999 comedy deals with a high school student body election gone wrong as Broderick’s social studies teacher deliberately sabotages the campaign of a student he despises. While supporting a rival candidate, chaos ensues with dark and hilarious results. Hagan stars as Diane McCallister, the wife of Broderick’s character whose marriage suffers due to the disastrous consequences of the election.

Keegan Allen – Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017)

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Keegan Alley appears as Liam Walker, the protagonist’s brother who also serves the law, albeit in a different role as the town’s assistant DA. Pretty Little Liars fans will remember Allen for his starring role as Toby Cavanaugh, the love interest of series protagonist Spencer Hastings.

The mystery thriller drama is about the Spencer clique who encounter a mysterious character who threatens to expose their deepest and darkest secrets after one of their members goes missing. The series’ popularity has spawned its own franchise with two spin-offs and a spiritual sequel.

Violet Brinson – Sharp Objects (2018)

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One of Cordell’s two children is his 16-year-old daughter Stella Walker, who is played by former Sharp Objects student Violet Brinson.

Based on the psychological thriller novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn, the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects is about crime-traumatized journalist Camille (Amy Adams) who returns to her hometown to investigate the murders of two girls while facing his own inner demons. Camille has her fair share of family drama with her half-sister Amma (Eliza Scanlen). In this context, Brinson comes across as one of Amma’s best friends, Kelsey. Not only does she appear as Kelsey in eight episodes, but she also contributes to the series soundtrack in two episodes.

Kale Culley – Henry Danger (2014-2020)

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The youngest member of the Walker family is Cordell’s 14-year-old son Auggie Walker, a role tried out by newcomer Kale Culley. Culley had bit parts in shows like Fresh Off The Boat and Black-ish, he also appeared as the younger version of the superhuman Ray Manchester AKA Captain Man in the satirical superhero series Henry Danger.

The Nickelodeon original series deals with the daily adventures and misadventures of Henry Danger, a 13-year-old teenager who becomes Captain Man’s sidekick. In the two episodes Culley appears in, he becomes part of Captain Man’s origin story as a kid riding a skateboard inside a machine that gives him the power of indestructibility.

Coby Bell – The Gifted (2017-2019)

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Cordell’s former partner, Larry James, eventually becomes his senior, sharing an unpredictable relationship with him. Coby Bell, who plays Larry, has been a cast member on shows like Lucifer, Archer, and The Gifted.

The latter is a spectacle set in the universe of the X-Men movies, revolving around a group of young mutants surviving in a dystopian future where their species is outlawed by the government. Bell’s antagonist, Jace Turner, a sentry agent who is bound by his duty to arrest and revoke the rights of all mutants, regardless of age, is thrown into the mix.

Jeff Stone – Shameless (2011-2021)

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When it comes to the love life of Cordell’s assistant, Micki Ramirez, Jeff Piere appears as her boyfriend, an Army medic named Trey. Pierre has already been seen in a few episodes of Shameless, the American remake of the British dark comedy of the same name.

Starring William H Macy as the drug-addicted and drinking patriarch of an unstable family, Shameless chronicles the ups and downs of a ragtag group of dysfunctional adults. Also in Shameless, Pierre appears as a major character’s boyfriend, as he shares a romantic relationship with Ian, the third oldest child in the family.

Mitch Pileggi – The X-Files (1993-2018)

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Liam and Cordell’s father Bonham Walker has a limited but integral role on the show with X-Files actor Mitch Pileggi playing the part.

Pileggi’s Walter Skinner is the very supervisor of the titular X-Files bureau that delves into supernatural phenomena throughout America. Even though he initially rejects the team’s beliefs in extraterrestrial cases, he continues to greenlight investigations into such inexplicable cases. A recurring character in the first eight seasons, Skinner becomes a main character in the next three seasons.

Odette Annable – Cloverfield (2008)

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Whenever Cordell and his peers have moments of introspection, they meet at the town bar which is run by Cordell’s friend, Geri, who is played by Odette Annable.

Though she’s a regular face on shows like Supergirl, Banshee, and House, Annable’s film career includes 2008 found footage horror Cloverfield. The film that propelled director Matt Reeves to mainstream fame deals with a monster attack that takes place following a farewell party in New York City. Annable plays one of the partygoers who turns into a survivor of the unexpected alien invasion.

Walker: 10 movies and TV shows where you’ve seen the cast | Pretty Reel