TV program: “Lost Illusions”, “Marguerite” … good films and turnips to avoid this week


lost illusions

Tuesday, September 20, 9:12 p.m., Canal +

The characters imagined by Balzac come to life on the big screen. Director Xavier Giannoli takes us to 19th century Paris, in the footsteps of Lucien, an unknown poet who dreams of success. A blunt criticism of a small corrupt environment that seeks only profit and glory, against the backdrop of a press-publishing war. This successful historical fresco does not have to be ashamed of its cast. Depardieu perfectly embodies the sulphurous publishing magnate and the duo Cécile de France – Benjamin Voisin works perfectly. An ambitious film that won 7 Cesars including Best Film (just that). Do not miss it !

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Last Night in Soho

Monday, September 19, 8:58 p.m., Canal + Cinema

Elie leaves his grandmother and his small village in the English countryside to hope to succeed as a fashion designer in the British capital. But as soon as she arrives, ghostly apparitions plunge her into the London of the swinging sixties where mysterious murders seem to have been committed years earlier… A deliciously British thriller, rocked by a very pop soundtrack, and carried by the performance of the two main actors, Matt Smith (Doctor Who and now House of the Dragon) and Anya Taylor-Joy (seen since in The Ladies Gameon Netflix).

Seven Sisters

Monday, September 19, 9:09 p.m., W9

Successful dystopias, a very exclusive club. Seven Sisters is part of. On the program: a dive into an overpopulated world where governments have implemented a one-child policy. Septuplets are born there, each named after a day of the week, the day during which they leave their apartment to embody a common identity. Devilishly clever, the ploy works until the disappearance of Monday… Rhythmic, well put together, original, this SF thriller is a real surprise. Noomi Rapace, who alone embodies the seven sisters, signs a great performance.


Monday, September 19, 9:15 p.m., C8

A superhero film with depth, that changes. Here, many years after the end of the boom years of the X-Men saga and the very bad Wolverine battle of the immortal, we find the famous mutant with hands armed with iron claws and endowed with an astonishing capacity for regeneration. The one who now appears to us to be aging, on the decline, will find himself forced to rescue a child who has the same superpowers. The opportunity, despite the foreseeable special effects, to approach with this Logan (Wolverine’s last name) universal themes, like the desire for fatherhood or the feeling of decline.


Wednesday, September 21, 9:05 p.m., CSTAR

Two children who play with a weapon in the Moroccan mountains, a deaf-mute teenager in Tokyo who struggles to communicate with her father, a childcare worker who works in the United States and must return to Mexico to see her family… Existences which take place thousands of kilometers from each other and yet which a tenuous thread connects. The culmination of this plunge into the solitude of beings filmed by the skilful camera of Alejandro González Iñárritu (Biutiful, Bidman, 21 grams…): this fascinating scene in which Chieko, the Japanese teenager, discovers the interior of a nightclub from which she cannot hear the music and only sees the stupid frenetic agitation of the bodies dancing around her.

To avoid


Wednesday, September 21, 8:55 p.m., Arte

In the 1920s, a singer took it into her head to do the Olympia, convinced that she had talent. In reality, his entourage has been lying to him for years about his real vocal qualities… On paper, because a formidable cast was at the service of a strong story, Daisy was supposed to be a great movie. But Xavier Giannoli, capable of the great (when i was a singer) as less good (Super star), ran out of breath and the film does not arouse as many emotions as it should. Despite the very beautiful score of André Marcon, in the role of the husband.

Upside Down

Wednesday, September 21, 8:58 p.m., Canal + Cinema

In a world made up of two planets with opposite gravity, Adam, who comes from the world below – poor and disinherited – and Eden, from the world above – which concentrates wealth – will fall in love. The ace. What could have been an exciting Romeo and Juliet-style dive into an original universe as possible only gives birth to a sluggish and even downright boring fiction.

TV program: “Lost Illusions”, “Marguerite” … good films and turnips to avoid this week