This is what María Rebeca looks like today, protagonist of the endearing movie “The girl with the blue backpack”

In the late 1970’s, Mexican actress Maria Rebeca Y the singer and actor Pedrito Fernandez, starred in “The Girl with the Blue Backpack”a of the most endearing and iconic films of Mexican cinema. More than four decades after its premiere, this beautiful story continues to be broadcast on several of the Televisa channels, provoking many mixed feelings in the people who grew up with these films and, in turn, conquering the new generations.

“The girl with the blue backpack”which was directed by Mexican filmmaker Rubén Galindo, tells the story of Amy (interpreted by Mary Rebecca) and your friend Raul (character from Peter Fernandez), who live in a fishing village.

Amy is a neglected girl who went through difficult times at the side of her alcoholic uncle Andrew (played by Adalberto Martínez “Resortes”), who despite everything has been a father figure. The vice and the poor living conditions in which the uncle has little Amy, have caused justice to want to separate them. A serious accident at sea changes the lives of Amy, Andrew and Raúl, whose kindness will be the key to the happiness of the girl with the blue backpack.

In this film, Pedrito Fernández sings one of the most representative songs of his career: “what’s wrong with you, little boy, what’s wrong with you, they tell me at school and they ask me at home, and until now I knew it suddenly when I heard the ready and she was not present, the one with the blue backpack, the one with the sleepy eyes, she left me with great concern and low grades”.

Two years later, Maria Rebeca and Pedro Fernandez they starred in the sequel to “The Girl with the Blue Backpack,” where they travel to an island in search of treasure; on the boat trip they capsize, but they are rescued and the treasure is non-existent.

What happened to the girl who made the movie with the blue backpack?

Currently the actress María Rebeca is 52 years old and has been carrying out several theater projects. She has participated in various soap operas such as “Pobre diabla”, “Enemigo intimate” and “La mexicana y el güero”, as well as in episodes of “La rosa de Guadalupe”.

In a recent interview with the entertainment journalist Edén Dorantes, María Rebeca She stated that she was a very lucky woman, because she had beautiful parents, a good environment, she has had ups and downs“however, I had the great gift and the great fortune of being the girl with the blue backpackof being a very loved girl”.

It is a film that unites families to date and being able to be part of that gift is wonderful, there is nothing more to be thankful for, continue working and not take your finger off the line.

Likewise, the actress originally from Mexico City, highlighted having beautiful memories of “The girl with the blue backpack”, a film that marked her forever“and I take that with me, the affection of the entire public, who often don’t even know you, nor do they know if you’re cool or have a bad character, the public surrenders, gives you their love, their affection, because they saw you in a character that is endearing to them, one has to be very respectful with that gift”.

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It is worth mentioning that María Rebeca is daughter of two renowned actors: Jose Alonso and Irma Lozanowho were part of the golden age of Mexican cinema.

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This is what María Rebeca looks like today, protagonist of the endearing movie “The girl with the blue backpack”