These will be the celebrations for the 491 anniversary of Culiacán

Starting next Friday, September 23 and until Saturday, October 1the City Council will celebrate the 491 years of the foundation of Culiacán.

At a press conference, the mayor Juan de Dios Gamez Mendivildetailed the program of activities that will take place in the capital of Sinaloa on the occasion of its anniversary, where those women and men who, with their example and their actions, built what we are today will be celebrated and remembered.

“For this occasion, we are preparing for a celebration full of content, with celebrations for meetings of healthy coexistence, in our public spaces, taking into account mainly local artists; so that Mexico and the world know that we are a land full of talent and creativity, with a great reserve of values”said the first mayor.

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During these eight days, the entire city will be mobilized in one of the most important celebrations of our state, the founding of its capital, with approximately 2,000 participants, including musicians, painters, academics, entrepreneurs, dancers, historians, artisans, athletes, Paralympic athletes, actors and representatives of the different expressions of art.

“More than 90 percent are talent from Culiacanthere will be about 70 locations where the events will take place, and we expect the attendance of more than 50,000 people as spectators, which will allow us to have an economic benefit of around 30 million pesos”specified Gámez Mendívil.

Finally, he expressed that this great celebration vindicates respect for our ancestors, those who have gone ahead of us on the road; so he exhorted people to enjoy the history and evolution of our municipality in the company of family and friends.

As main events, we will have in concert La Sonora Dinamita, Los Populares del Llano, and DJ Mariana Bo; in addition to the All-Star Game with a Cause in favor of the Culiacán DIF System, the Botargas Race, Callejoneada through the Historic Center of the City, Culiacán en Globo and Sobre las Nubes.

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Among the most outstanding artists and groups, the following are scheduled:

September 23: Folk Gala.
September 23 to 25: Sports tournaments.
September 23 to 25: Culiacan the Globe.
September 23 to 30: Art around the corner.
24th September: Alleyway.
24th September: The monsters.
September 25th: The Sonorous Dynamite.
September 26 to 30: Over the clouds.
September 28: Mariana Bo
September 29th: Mass from Mañanitas to Culiacán.
September 29th: Presentation of the OSSLA.
September 30th: Presentation of Los Populares del Llano.
September 30th: Bumblebee race.
September 30th: All-Star Game (Event with cause for the benefit of DIF Culiacán).
October 1: Ochito Music Fest.

These will be the celebrations for the 491 anniversary of Culiacán