The Teatro Nuovo in Gallarate is 25 years old

The New Theater of Madonna in Campagna turns a quarter of a century: in fact, on 26 November 1997 it reopened, completely renovated, the old parish theater next to the sanctuary. The new hall has thus become a recognized place of community and culture. An important place, in different ways, in recent years.

“The old theater was built in 1948: it was annexed to the then small oratory, which only had a playing field next to it, where today is the parking lot” he recalls Giancarlo Bettinelliwhich is still one of the souls of the theater.

The works in the nineties were extensive, a courageous commitment for the community of Madonna in Campagna, which – led by don Ambrogio Villa – was particularly lively and capable of animating the suburban neighborhood.
The works – supervised by the surveyor Roberto Veneziani – led to the reduction from 300 to 224 seats, but from the old space that was little more than a hall came out a quality environment that provided a suitable place for the whole city: the theater was inaugurated in the presence of Mayor Luini. «The first real season took place in 1998, which is why we will celebrate 25 years next year» continues Bettinelli.

The old theater – it must be said – had already had significant and valuable presences: «They had passed the original Legnanesi of Musazzi, the company of the Rame family with young Franca and Dario Fo, Fausto Tomei and Evelina Sironi». After the inauguration in 1997, prestigious actors have also passed through the Teatro Nuovo: «Piero Mazzarella and its theater in Milan, the new ones Legnanesi with ProvasioLiliana Cosi, Silvia Donadoni, Mariangela D’Abbraccio, Carlo Rivolta». It’s still Those of Grock, Compagnia Teatri Possibili, Teatro Stabile di VeronaAnna Bolens Company, Antonio Zanoletti.

It’s still reviews for children, including the puppet theatre, «with Enrico Colombo’s company». And then the space for amateur theater, «with Tutti sul Palco, the competition for amateur companies with a prestigious jury». Fixed presence, in almost all seasons, the Giovanni di Madonna in Campagna amateur dramaticswhile the Madonna in Campagna Youth Group he also proposed three musicals, including “In shirt sleeves” about Don Bosco, which he also toured in various locations.

«And then the theater is a stage for companies that make theater for charitywith events for example in support of the association for the families of prisoners, for Doctor Smile and other realities».


A performance by the Divertimento Vocale Choir

The flexible subscription formulas made it possible to enhance a season with diversified offers. And after the forced parenthesis of Covid, this year too the program offers nine dates (You can find the complete booklet here.).

The Nuovo has also hosted many art competitions and events Vittorio Bachelet Cultural Center“which proposed meetings for social and also political study, an experience that has come to a halt and which we hope to be able to resume”.

Another phase, on the other hand, is almost forgotten, the one in which – the first half of the zero years – the Teatro Nuovo hosted concerts of folk, country and rock music with guests of the highest value from overseas, thanks also to the collaboration with Buscadero and with the promoter Carlo Carlin (who writes, personally, thanks for this).

The Teatro Nuovo in Gallarate is 25 years old