The silver battle against Daniel of the fifth season of Cobra Kai explained by Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio provides an in-depth analysis of his Cobra Kai Season 5 fight with Thomas Ian Griffith’s Terry Silver. Cobra Kai, a legacy sequel set after the events of 1984’s The Karate Kid, has become a streaming phenomenon, especially since it was picked up by Netflix after a stint on YouTube Red. The series only became popular during this month’s season 5, bringing back more original franchise actors to reprise their roles and continue their stories over three decades later. One of the biggest villains in the franchise, Terry Silver, was the main antagonist in the fifth season of Cobra Kai.

In The Karate Kid Part III, Silver was a manipulative force trying to create a wedge between Daniel and his beloved mentor, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita). She shows a deep commitment to expanding the Cobra Kai dojo and continues that mission in Cobra Kai season 5. Due to Silver’s respected position in her community, age and charisma, she manages to captivate the Vale, making Daniel look mad as she tries to take the man down. Macchio previously joked that this psychological warfare waged by Silver would cause Daniel to “hit rock bottom” in season 5, which he did. Her behavior caused her family to briefly leave the house. At some point in Cobra Kai’s fifth season, Daniel decided to take matters into his own hands and face Silver directly, leading him to break into the man’s house and start a fight that he badly lost.

While speaking with Still Watching Netflix, Macchio recounts Daniel’s battle with Silver, offering details on how the creators of the series shoot the fight sequences. The star also explains the meaning of that fight sequence, giving an idea of ​​why Daniel had to lose. Find out what Macchio says below:

“We tear things apart, but I wanted to make long stretches of them based on the combat design. We took our time, finding all those rhythms in there. He always has to play with what’s going on narratively, from the point of view of the plot, from the character. So for that scene, that’s LaRusso, upset. Silver has Daniel in the palm of his hand, right there. So it’s that psychological advantage ”.

Macchio’s comments reveal how this fight differs from others in Cobra Kai due to its shooting over long periods rather than piece by piece. That choice is significant, since Daniel’s exhaustion is a major component of the fight and the longer takes would have made it seem more grueling. Keeping the camera on also gave Griffith and Macchio, no strangers to sharing intense scenes, more opportunities to discover potentially rich moments within the fight, as Macchio suggests. The actor also reveals how the creators of Cobra Kai craft each fight sequence, with an emphasis on story. In a series with so many karate fights, it’s important that each fight feels important and distinct from the others so they don’t get stale. As Macchio states, the best way to do this is to make sure each fight reveals something new about the character’s narrative, in this case, Silver’s lasting impact on Daniel’s psyche.

As Cobra Kai moves into a potential Season 6, it is essential that each battle continues to feel needed and add something new to the overall story. With so many actors from the Karate Kid franchise now featured in the series, audiences saw Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) and Johnny (William Zabka) on one team, lots of fighting between old rivals Daniel and Johnny, a Daniel vs. Chozen and Daniel vs. Mike rematch, and several battles between Silver and the others as they worked to defeat him. While viewers will likely never tire of the action, there is a risk of over-saturation as the series continues. Fortunately, the approach detailed here by Macchio shows that the creators of Cobra Kai have put a lot of thought into creating compelling and layered fight scenes, which bodes well for season six.

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The silver battle against Daniel of the fifth season of Cobra Kai explained by Ralph Macchio – Asian Media Film