The Holdovers, Alexander Payne and Paul Giamatti together again

Alexander Payne and Paul Giamatti

After an almost secret screening at the Toronto Film Festival, Focus Features is about to strike a $ 30 million deal with Bill Block’s Miramax And CAA Media Finance for the worldwide rights of The Holdovers. The film represents the director’s return together Alexander Payne and the actor Paul Giamattialready memorable collaborators in the 2004 comedy on the road Sideways – Traveling with Jack, which earned Payne and Jim Taylor an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

To announce it is Deadline. The magazine lets you know exclusive also that Focus has planned a release of The Holdovers in all cinemas except the Middle East, the only territory not covered by the agreement.

The Holdovers is a comedy, with the intensity of previous films by Payneamong which Nebraska (2013), Bitter paradise (2011) and Sideways. Giamatti plays an obnoxious teacher at Deerfield Academy. Hated by students, fellow faculty members and dean, all find his pomposity and stiffness maddening. With no family and nowhere to go over the Christmas break in 1970, Paul stays in school to supervise students who can’t go home. After a few days, only a few students remain including a problematic 15-year-old named Angus, good but bad-tempered, who always threatens to get him expelled. Joining Paul and Angus is Deerfield’s head cook, Mary, an African American woman whose son recently disappeared in Vietnam.

David Hemingson he is the author of the screenplay for the film.

Deadline put the film at the top of its TIFF hot list and had revealed the project for the first time yet Before Payne to shoot it. At that time the director had said: “I came across the draft for a pilot set in a training school conceived by David Hemingson. I called him, I told him the idea and he jumped at it. Since working with Paul on Sideways, I’ve wanted to work with him again and this role is tailor-made for him. I hate to use the expression ‘the best actor of his generation’ because there are so many wonderful actors, but when I worked with him on Sideways, I was blown away. As a director you want actors who know how to make even the wrong dialogues work, and he can do it. He can just do anything. I think it’s a matter of time before he gets an Oscar“.

The story focuses on one guy in particular, a real smart troublemaker who is 15, but basically a good guy. – Payne said – Her widowed mother recently married a rich man and wants to use this vacation as a honeymoon. At the last minute, she breaks the child’s heart and tells him that he has to stay in school. Paul Giamatti is the teacher selected to supervise the remaining students at school, he is cheeky and cheeky-eyed. Eventually, the other three or four boys find other places to go and the characters remain two, actually three due to the cook telling the adventures of the three of them during a very snowy Christmas vacation in New England.“.

The Holdovers, Alexander Payne and Paul Giamatti together again