“The Government must guarantee decent conditions for peasants”: Luis Guillermo Pérez, superintendent of the Family Subsidy

Within the framework of the National Congress of Asocajas, called this year “Essence, the beauty of who we are”, the superintendent of the Family Subsidy, Luis Guillermo Pérez, recognized the role of compensation funds in Colombia.

“In the first place, it must be recognized that thanks to the compensation funds, more than 42% of the Colombian population has been able to enjoy the Social State of Law. The workers, the workers and their families have been able to advance to a more inclusive country”, Perez stated.

However, the superintendent stated that there is still much to improve, which is why he asked the compensation funds to claim the right to peace and human rights.

“Colombia is the second most violent country on the planet after the Congo, we are the fifth country with the greatest social inequality in the world and the second with the greatest social inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean. This social inequality generates a lot of violence, so my message for the savings banks is to commit much more to claiming the right to peace, a constitutional right and also a social one, the defense of Human Rights must be claimed”.

Likewise, another topic that Superintendent Pérez dealt with and that has been one of the central issues of this Congress, is the topic of rural housing, affirming that currently the compensation funds have many difficulties in being able to develop the programs.

“The savings banks have manifested a series of obstacles of a legal nature that make the construction of rural housing very difficult, we will have to move these obstacles through the Congress of the Republic and we are going to contribute to that”, Indian.

For his part, Ernesto Herrera, president of the board of directors of Asocajas, affirmed what the superintendent said “there are more obstacles and difficulties in building rural housing. There are no aqueducts, there are no public services and regulations also sometimes become an obstacle for us to be able to develop housing plans in the rural sector”, asserted Herrera.

Similarly, Superintendent Pérez stated that local actors must be involved, that is, “the beneficiaries of a housing program.”

In addition, he added that the Government must guarantee decent conditions for the peasants. “The Government must guarantee food sovereignty, the inclusion of millions of peasants, and to guarantee that food sovereignty it is necessary to provide conditions of dignity in the countryside.”

In that order of ideas, the president of the board of directors affirmed that they are going to try to overcome said obstacles, with the purpose of creating a different regulation for the field, ensuring that it can be achieved with innovation.

“We must seek to improve housing, because many times the peasants do not want to move from their plots and we all know that building housing is cheaper when large volumes are built, neighborhoods are developed, business ideas are developed,” said Herrera. .

In the same way, Herrera affirmed that for the rural sector improvements can be made in housing “such as bathrooms, floors and others. All this improves the quality of life, it immediately gives a jump to the quality of life of the rural worker if he has a house with these deficiencies”.

Finally, he emphasized that the savings banks are willing to work for the workers and their families. “I believe that the compensation funds are willing to continue working for the workers and their families to continue delivering all the work we do.” In addition, he invited the Government to work hand in hand, since he considers that “we can develop it and we are willing to achieve it, since we have the capacities and the people to do it.”

“The Government must guarantee decent conditions for peasants”: Luis Guillermo Pérez, superintendent of the Family Subsidy