The girls of the last row, the adventure of 5 women to discover on Netflix

The girls of the last row / Las de la última fila is the series that mixes escape, social themes and feminine power. A realistic fiction that tells the quest for freedom a group of women all written and directed by the talented Daniel Sánchez Arévalo.

The girls of the last row, the adventure of 5 women to discover on Netflix

There are series which we know by watching them that they will not leave us unmoved. The Girls of the Last Row falls into this category thanks to a realistic, touching story that tries to make us understand that the things we thought were the most important were in the end not…

The girls in the last row live a crazy adventure:

Girls in the Last Row is a fiction series that could have been inspired by real events and revolves around women who will have to rethink their lives.

Synopsis: Sara, Alma, Carol, Olga and Leo are part of a group of friends that have lasted for years. Indeed, these five women met when they were only teenagers. Over the years, they have grown but they have always remained united to the point of organizing a trip with friends every year. This getaway week is an opportunity for each of them to relive a life of lightness far from children, work and everyday problems. We forget our problems and we enjoy the present moment, such was their motto. Unfortunately, this year an event turns their lives upside down. Indeed, one of them just been diagnosed with cancer.

As a sign of support, her friends shave their heads and embark on an even crazier journey than the previous ones. On the program, some crazy challenges based on a question: what would you do if you were going to die soon? Added to this is a rule which consists in not saying who is sick or not mentioning the disease.

This is the starting point of the series produced by Atípica Films, which in six episodes allows us to accompany these five women who have set sail for the coast of Cadiz to strengthen their relationship and defy their fears.

A moving adventure that speaks to more than one:

Friendship is the central axis of this crazy comedy, both funny and sensitive, which tackles the theme of illness and the attachment we have to those we love. This creation by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo once again shows the sensitivity of this director and screenwriter who has already moved the public with the film seventeen years to see on Netflix. He tackled a feminine universe far from him and explained in particular to the huffingtonpost site:

“I had a personal and vital need to make an incursion into the female universe, because my films are heavily populated by male characters. The story I wanted to tell was originally going to be a movie, but I felt that diving into their characters and their conflicts, in an hour and a half, two hours, I wasn’t going to be able to so I worked on a series of 6 episodes. »

Daniel Sanchez Arevalo

Last Row Girls is a series for all women. Indeed, each character has a different personality with which we can identify. One would have thought that time would have separated these childhood friends, but they find themselves united as in adolescence when the fear of losing one of them appears as a reality.

The girls of the last row is a series which therefore relies mainly on its cast who have taken the step of actually shaving their heads to interpret their characters. Thus, this troop is composed of Itsaso Arana (Reyes of the night), Mariona Teres (Interviews), Monica Miranda (Back vidas), Maria Rodriguez (Los herederos de la Tierra) y Godeliv Van den Brandt (Sky Rojo). These are actresses who are mainly known for supporting roles and whom you have seen in many series, especially on Netflix, and who have formed a real team.

“We formed a good team, a very big family. The result is what you see, the friendly relationship we have created. It was also very easy because we are five fucking wonderful women, the casting is very well done, what Dani wrote is great and also off camera, the team made sure that all that energy was constantly there . We have formed such a big family”

Godeliv Van den Brandt at Huffington Post

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo has also sprinkled the story with secondary characters who make appearances and who are interpreted by well-known actors such as Macarena García, Javier Rey, Carmen Machi, Antonio de la Torre, Michelle Jenner and Marta Guerras.

Editorial review:

The girls of the last row is a really sparkling series that we take pleasure in watching. Punctuated by a catchy soundtrack, the first episode imposes a sustained rhythm that the fiction never leaves. Each challenge is an opportunity for these women to push the limits of political correctness and even to free themselves from a deep fear that they had not dared to reveal before this trip. Illness is what brings it together with a morality: sometimes we cling to insignificant things so as not to have to face what is really important.

It’s a fiction which is realistic and which tackles without taboos the problems of society perhaps to de-dramatize them and show us in the end that it is not so difficult to overcome them. Each woman is touching in her own way and like each of them, we end up forgetting the disease. We are not going to detail each of the characters because it is essential to leave you a little suspense and it will be the same for the challenges. We will only give a recommendation: the consumption of illicit substances is dangerous for your health, in particular because it can push you to do anything… You will understand when you see episode 2… For the rest, there will be no of confidence.

One thing is certain: it will be difficult for them to resume their quiet life once the trip is over. The girls of the last row is an authentic series that one would have imagined sad and which is ultimately a great lesson in life. We would almost go so far as to entrust him with the virtues of therapy.

It’s a fiction in positive vibes mode that may make you want to set sail. Moreover, when we ask Daniel Sánchez Arévalo what he would like for his series, he simply answers:

For me, the definition of success would be if all of a sudden one day I learned that a group of friends had done the same thing. »

It remains to be seen whether the girls in the last row will make you want to go on an adventure and push your limits…

The 6 episodes of the fiction are to be discovered on Netflix.

The girls of the last row, the adventure of 5 women to discover on Netflix – La Montée Ibérique