The ‘eleven’ of the Board in Almería puts on the overalls for a difficult legislature

The territorial delegates of the Andalusian government have sworn in this morning at the headquarters of the Board in Paseo de Almería in a ceremony presided over by the two Almeria councillors, Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco and Carmen Crespoin which they have received the affection of the civil and military authorities of the province and of the representatives of the socioeconomic and associative fabric of Almeria such as the Port, the Chamber of Commerce, Asempal, Hortyfruta, the UGT union or the Association of Marble Entrepreneurs , among others.

The noble hall became too small again at the inauguration of the new team of the regional administration in Almería led by the delegate of the Government of the Board in Almería, Aránzazu Martín. She was precisely the first to address the attendees, among whom were institutional representatives from across the province such as the deputy delegate of the Government, José María Martínthe president of the Provincial Council, Javier Aureliano García, Andalusian senators, deputies and parliamentarians and councilors and mayors such as those of Vera, Adra, Macael and Almería.

Aránzazu Martín began his speech by transferring condolences to family and friends who say goodbye to Francisco Maldonado today, former Education Delegate of the Board in times of Chaves and Griñán, and highlighting the work he did as a public servant in Almería. the delegate thanked the team from the previous legislature for their effortsthat of the government of the change of PP and Cs that faced the pandemic and of which only she and Juan de la Cruz (Health and Consumer Affairs) continue, and asked for the maximum involvement of the new actors who face a stage no less difficult for the increase in costs and the inflationary process that punishes Almeria families in this 2022. “We have a team of prepared delegates, which combines experience and youth, good people who will work hard for Almería”.

The territorial delegate of the Government, who was the first to swear her position two weeks ago in Seville, also highlighted that Almería has more weight than ever on the Board as it has two directors for the first time that “they will fight every Tuesday in the Council of Government to defend the interests of the province”. In the opinion of Aránzazu Martín, “in the last legislature entrenched problems were unblocked and in the one that begins we are not going to stop there”, he warned, listing below projects that are advancing such as the Roquetas hospital, the last sections of the Almanzora motorway and the Agrifood Innovation Pole, among others.

Next, the inauguration of the delegates took place, after the formal reading of the articles of the regulations that have made possible the appointments in each of the ministries and the subsequent oath of the ten territorial delegates in the following order:

  • Economy, Treasury and European Funds and Industrial Policy and Energy: Guillermo Casquet Fernandez.
  • Educational Development and Professional and University Training, Research and Innovation: Francisco Alonso Martinez.
  • Employment, Business and Self-Employment: Amos Garcia Hueso.
  • Health and Consumption: John of the Cross Belmonte Mena.
  • Agriculture, Fishing, Water and Rural Development: Antonio Bartolomé Mena Rubio.
  • Tourism, Culture and Sport: Jose Angel Velez Gonzalez.
  • Promotion, Articulation of the Territory and Housing: Carmen Belen Lopez Zapata.
  • Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality: Francisco Gonzalez Bellido.
  • Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy: Manuel de la Torre France.
  • Justice, Local Administration and Public Function: Carmen Navarro Cruz.

The Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, asked the new delegates to step forward each within their possibilities and skills to help families in Almería to mitigate the serious consequences of the current economic situation and to respond to the problems that arise, such as the drought, because “as trustees of the majority of Andalusians, we must have no other purpose than the general interest”. In this sense, Fernández-Pacheco also highlighted Moreno’s commitment to this province by appointing the “most Almerian government in history and that has to be noted” by having two directors, a deputy director, four general secretaries, six general directors and the manager of the SAS.

The former mayor also encouraged the new representatives of the Board to contribute each one from their field so that Almería is at the head of all parameters and is a benchmark in Andalusia and Spain. “We are here to complicate our lives, the position must be a permanent headache that forces us to leave our skin for the people of Almeria 24 hours a day,” Fernández-Pacheco concluded.

Finally, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Carmen Crespo, also had words of thanks for the previous delegates and their work for Almería within the government of change and did not forget either the necessary collaboration and alliance with the rest of the administrations, of the same or different political sign, with which institutional loyalty to the service of citizens must prevail, such as the Provincial Council and the Subdelegation. “I am proud of the squad headed by Aránzazu Martín. I wish you luck, enthusiasm, enthusiasm and commitment to the people of Almería to face a difficult legislature because once the coronavirus crisis has been overcome we have entered an economic pandemic”. Crespo asked them, finally, maximum transparency and dialogue with economic and social agents What leitmotiv of the second term of Juanma Moreno.

The ‘eleven’ of the Board in Almería puts on the overalls for a difficult legislature