The economic problems of young people, the axis of the new Divina Seguros campaign

Text – Redacción-Divina Seguros. Photographs – Divina Seguros.

divine insurance launched its new corporate campaign last Monday, November 14, which, on this occasion, focuses on the socio-economic problems faced today by the majority of young Spaniards who cannot buy a home, set up a business or even consider have children.

Aware of the need to help alleviate this problem, the insurer has presented ‘TENER. The first program for young people who have to secure something for the first time”, in an act held at the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain, which was attended by the president of the entity, Armando Nieto; the vice president of the Film Academy, Rafael Portela; the president of ESIC Business and Marketing School, Eduardo Gómez; the president of the Youth Council of Spain, Andrea González Henry, and the actors Antonio Resines, Paula Usero, Marc Clotet and Berta Castañé.

“As a company we have a great commitment to our employees and customers, but also to the society that surrounds us, for this reason, from Divina Seguros we have decided this year, the year in which we have celebrated our 65th anniversary, to focus our new corporate campaign on the young people and try to help them cope with the difficult socioeconomic situation”, highlights Armando Nieto, president of Divina Seguros.

The TENER program, which can be accessed through the website It is subdivided into four sections: Having a Home, Having a Family, Having a Future and Having Opportunities. The first three programs offer discounts on different company insurance products for young people between the ages of 18 and 35, while the last program is aimed at giving young people a first opportunity so that they can develop their professional careers.

Thus, through ‘Having a Home’, those interested will be able to benefit from a 15% discount when taking out Home insurance or Life Insurance; through ‘Having a Family’, they will be able to obtain this same 15% discount on Funeral Insurance and up to a 33% discount on the family health policy, starting with the third member of the family, and finally, through of ‘Having a Future’, and aimed above all at those young entrepreneurs who want to set up a business, will be able to benefit from a 15% discount on Business Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.

For its part, the ‘Having Opportunities’ program is part of the entity’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy and is intended to contribute to the generation of talent and retain it.

For the second year in a row, Divina Seguros, also an official sponsor of the Goya Awards, is launching its ‘Divine Shorts’ contest, the aim of which is to value the short film and reward promising Spanish cinema. The deadline for submitting the works begins today, November 15, and ends on January 9. The winner will receive a prize of 10,000 euros in cash, while the second and third will get 6,000 and 3,000 euros, respectively.

Committing to education, offering quality training and promoting equal opportunities are the main objectives of the scholarship program that Divina Seguros launches together with ESIC Business and Marketing School. Young people who want to expand their training can obtain different discounts (of up to 50%) when enrolling in MBAS, specialized courses, postgraduate courses, master’s degrees, university degrees and higher education cycles on the Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Pamplona, ​​Bilbao and Granada campuses.

Lastly, within this program, and since Divina Seguros is the main sponsor of the RFEG, scholarships are also included for rhythmic, artistic, acrobatic, aerobic, parkour and trampoline gymnasts to help them go further in their sports careers.

Other pieces of the TENER campaign

Together with this microsite, Divina Seguros has released the campaign spotavailable on its Social Networks and YouTube Channel, which is being broadcast from November 15 to 24 in prime time on Atresmedia and Telecinco.

In addition, the campaign also has a radio spot that will be broadcast on Spotify and a plan for influencers who will share content from this campaign on their Instagram profiles. To complete the communication strategy, the video clipof the spot is available on the insurer’s Youtube Channel.

Colloquium ‘Access to opportunities for Spanish youth’

After the presentation of the campaign, the colloquium ‘Access to opportunities for Spanish youth’ was held, in which the actress Paula Usero (nominated for the Goya Award for Best New Actress 2021) discussed, together with the actor Antonio resins; Armando Nieto, President of Divina Seguros; Eduardo Gómez, Director of ESIC Business and Marketing School, and Andrea González Henry, President of the Spanish Youth Council, on the problems that young people face today.

divine insurance is an insurance company that has more than 90 offices distributed throughout the Spanish geography and more than half a million policyholders to whom it provides services in all types of insurance that guarantee the basic needs of the family unit.

The economic problems of young people, the axis of the new Divina Seguros campaign