The Crown (Netflix): the true story behind Lady Diana’s revenge dress

While the series The Crown has landed with great strides on the American streaming platform Netflix, this is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the lives of members of the British royal family.

The Crown (Netflix): the resemblance between the actors and the real characters of the series

This fifth season is marked with great fanfare by the arrival of new plots and new actors such as Dominic West in the role of Prince CharlesofImelda Staunton in the role of queen Elizabeth II or evenElizabeth Debicki in the role of Diana Spencer. But also by the striking resemblance between the actors and the real characters of the series. Since the beginnings of The Crownthe producers have made it a point of honor to dwell on every little detail that recalls the British crown, whether in the sets and in the outfits.

This is particularly the case of actress Elizabeth Debicki who perfectly reproduces the iconic outfits worn by Lady Diana. In a scene from the fifth season, she can be seen tackling the famous revenge dress that Lady Diana wore after her divorce from Prince Charles. This breathtaking black dress, worn during an evening at the Serpentine Gallery, marked the spirits in particular by its much shorter length than the royal protocol authorized.

The real story of Lady Diana’s ‘revenge dress’

In 1944, two years after her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana Spencer quickly conquered the hearts of the British and the whole world. After suffering humiliation upon humiliation with her ex-husband’s cheating scandal with Camilla Parker Bowles, it’s a brand new Diana that appears in the media. Indeed, on June 29, 1944, she gave an interview to journalist Jonathan Dimbleby in which she confided in her role as a mother, her children, her marriage to Prince Charles. She gives herself up in particular on the sudden pressure constantly by the media and against all odds, she gives herself up on Camilla Parker Bowles, the woman with whom her husband cheated on her, now queen consort of the United Kingdom.

The same evening, the princess of wales is the guest of honor at a party in London. And it is on this occasion that the whole world, amazed, sees her getting out of the car in a stunning black dress under the horde of photographers. At this evening, Lady Diana putting on the map the sexy femme fatale with a black dress leaving her legs exposed and with a cleavage. If this look made the British press talk for weeks, it also made the Crown cringe. Indeed, at that time, the very strict protocol of the royal family categorically prohibited this kind of attire. Called Lady Diana’s most iconic revenge dress, it is the ultimate symbol of rebellion of a strong and independent woman.

The Crown (Netflix): the true story behind Lady Diana’s revenge dress