The corrupt cannot be pro

One of the flags brandished by certain political sectors is that of the family, an essential institution in every nation. Thus, the word “pro-family” has been spread as an identification that sounds more like a romanticized position than a true response to a rather crude reality. It is doubtful that the politicians know what the true situation of the families is, for the most part, in Paraguay.

Because while they affirm that it is necessary to act “in defense of the family”, the attitudes and behavior of rulers and politicians of different stripes are absolutely opposed to said objective, whose enunciation is one of the many more expressions of the hypocrisy that eats away credibility. of these political actors.

It is very difficult to conceive that Paraguayan families are of indisputable interest to such politicians beyond the electoral rhetoric. If they were truly interested, they would concentrate their efforts on building a country in which families could fully develop and live with dignity.

The worst scourge for families in Paraguay is the corruption of politicians. Beyond the peculiar situation of families in our country or the particular behavior of each family and each family member who acts correctly or incorrectly, there are external factors that contribute to upsetting a family.

The economic upheavals have led to painful separations in the nuclear family, when father or mother had to emigrate to seek to support their loved ones from abroad with resources that they did not find here. Many of these imbalances were due to terrible policies that prioritized partisan parasitism before promoting the possibilities of genuine sources of work.

There are families torn apart by the death of the father or the mother due to illnesses that, with efficient public health, could have been avoided or adequately cured. The lousy health system with insufficient hospitals, lack of doctors and non-existent medicines is the result of the fact that the items for this purpose ended up in the private accounts of unscrupulous politicians. Several of which are in the ranks of the allegedly pro-family.

Those who defend drug traffickers, black money launderers, who destroy the institutions of the Republic and indirectly promote hired assassins and death that mourn innocent families, cannot claim the title of pro-family.

Those who save thieving mayors and scoundrel governors from interventions, who swell their bank accounts with Fonacide money that should be used for the construction of classrooms, the maintenance of schools and colleges and school lunch, cannot claim the title of pro-family. Stealing children’s food is a disgusting crime. And there are several “pro-family” among those bandits, and there are “pro-family” politicians who manage these pathetic characters.

Every day we see unpunished corrupt people repeat worn-out slogans with a thick voice and demonstrate in favor of “the family”, while despotically stealing from the homeland and the impoverished families of the homeland.

The corrupt cannot be pro-family – Opinion – ABC Color