The actors of Mare Fuori and of My Brilliant Friend support the short The choice, created by the students of the Scuola del Fare

The film The choicepresented at the Giffoni Film Festival, was screened on Monday 21 November at the Modernissimo.


The short The choice, created by the boys of the Scuola del Fare, shot in iconic places in Naples, questions about legality, passions and family. An original Munaciello roams the catacombs of San Gennaro. He is holding a book, the Book of Choices and Destiny. He slyly addresses the spectators with a simple question: did fate choose your life or were your decisions guiding you? Are you struggling to answer? Well, don’t worry: it’s just a movie. This is, in fact, the theme of The choicethe participatory short shot by Charles Concina And Christine Maurelli with the boys and girls of different neighborhoods and districts of Naples. The project was presented and screened at the Multicinema Modernissimo on Monday 21 November at 5.45pm, with free admission. The Neapolitan preview of the film was attended by the Councilor for Professional Training Armida Filippelli, Father Antonio Loffredo, the young protagonists of the film, the PVCODE trainers, the principal and the teachers of the Scuola del Fare “G. Civita Franceschi”. The evening saw the participation of some actors from the cast of the acclaimed series Sea out And The brilliant friend how Giovanna Sannino, Gaetano Migliaccio, Marika Lenzi, Frances Montuori And Rosaria Langellotto. The moderation of the debate was handled by Conchita Sannino.

The film, presented at this year’s Giffoni Film Festival, tells the story of seven young protagonists caught in a strange game, which forces them to reflect on the past and the future. Legality, family ties and passions become the main themes of three intense episodes where the real life experiences of the boys resonate in the words of the different characters and become moments of powerful and moving cinema, which speaks to the hearts of all of us. Will they be able to make the right choice and find freedom again? The film is set in iconic locations in the Rione Sanità (from the catacombs of San Gaudioso to those of San Gennaro, from the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità to the Church of San Severo outside the Walls with the sculpture of the Veiled Son of Jago) and concludes dreamily at the Casina Vanvitelliana in Bacoli. The active protagonists of the fictional short, in front of and behind the camera, are a group of young people who attend the Scuola del Fare, an initiative which, through education and professional training in the logistics and automotive sectors, accompanies the growth education and training for adolescents at risk of dropping out. The project was carried out in a participatory way thanks to the trainers of the PVCODE method (Participatory Video for Community Development), a methodology that transforms making films into an opportunity to rethink oneself and find new potential, thus activating educational paths of empowerment and development of relational skills. The project is curated by Liberi Svincoli, a collective of artists and trainers, and is realized with the contribution of the De Agostini Foundation and the Alberto and Franca Riva Foundation. The School of Making “G. Civita Franceschi” was born thanks to the partnership between CNOS FAP Naples (Salesiani Don Bosco), the San Gennaro Community Foundation, the Alberto and Franca Riva Foundation, the Il Millepiedi Cooperative, the IF-Imparare Fare Association and Cometa Formazione.

The actors of Mare Fuori and My Brilliant Friend support the young people of the project The choice

With some exciting interventions, the actors of the cast of Sea Out and it’s The brilliant friend they celebrated the short The choice.

Frances Montuori he said: «I think the most beautiful thing about The Choice was that it brought together so many kids to make Cinema and it’s not a foregone conclusion. Through this experience, each of them understood how hard it is to make Cinema, it’s not something everyone can do. I think the most important thing they have understood is that if one day they want to do this job, the point is always to be in the right place, at the right time and get things done, having head, dedication, courage and determination. These are the elements to build this difficult road that changes from day to day. I hope that all of them can always make cinema in community. Because cinema is always done in groups. You can’t go anywhere alone.”

While Rosaria Langellotto he added: “This is a fantastic initiative. The guys have been fantastic and the love and dedication put into this project has been conveyed – it’s truly impressive. While I was watching the short film, I found myself thinking about the fact that, every day, we find ourselves faced with choices to make and we don’t realize it. Instead, it’s such an important concept. Even when you make bad choices, you have the possibility of going back and it is a concept that should be addressed to all young people».

Marika Lenzi however, he stated: «I wanted to congratulate all the guys for the great team work. This is truly a short film that makes you think. I think it’s really nice to wake up every day and cultivate a passion and a dream: it makes you live. Despite the difficulties that may arise, you really understand who you are.

Furthermore, Giovanna Sannino he added: «This is a beautiful work of integration and sharing. Making a film, together with non-cinematographic professionals, is a very difficult undertaking. Those who make cinema already have difficulty in realizing things, with their own means and possibilities, let alone when they don’t have the knowledge. The nice thing about this project was that it went back a bit to when we too had to make choices, especially in this profession. I think it’s nice that this project was done by young people because we have the possibility to go back and forth for so long and so many times. We young people have a duty to choose, to make mistakes but to try to follow our dreams. I’m shivering”.

Gaetano Migliaccio he concluded the debate thus: «What happened tonight is something spectacular. The choice makes you realize how important the other person really is. How important it is to empathize with others, understand why they are making wrong choices and be able to say a few words like: “Wait a minute, maybe it’s not like that”. This is exactly the job of an actor who gets into other people’s shoes, into other emotions and has to go and understand what is happening to other people».

The actors of Mare Fuori and of My Brilliant Friend support the short The choice, created by the students of the Scuola del Fare