Tagliapietra, on the investigation of the ARA San Juan submarine: “We no longer know what else to do to activate the causes” | Daily Chronicle

The lawyer said that the relatives of the sailors feel abandoned by the Justice

Luis Tagliapietra, father of Alejandro Damián Tagliapietra, one of the 44 sailors who lost their lives on the ARA San Juan submarine, gave an interview to Chronicle and remembered the national heroes five years after the sinking of the ship. The lawyer reviewed how the causes that the families of the sailors are leading against the national State are today and left important reflections on this historical fact that marked all Argentines with fire.

A few days after the sinking of the ARA San Juan submarine, the relatives of the sailors are seeking that November 15 be declared a national holiday. No one dares to deny that the values ​​of those 44 brave men who lost their lives at sea must be kept alive. They are heroes who also deserve recognition, they deserve to be remembered for what they were: patriots who gave their lives for their country.

It should be remembered that the ARA San Juan submarine was shipwrecked in the waters of the South Atlantic on November 15, 2017, carrying 44 crew members who, sadly, lost their lives. His remains were found more than a year later, during the early hours of November 17, 2018, at the height of the San Jorge Gulf, 597 kilometers from Comodoro Rivadavia, the city that was the scene of one of the most extensive search and rescue operations. important to remember in recent history. “A little, the excuse we have to continue asking for this national holiday is to keep alive the memory of all the sailors who lost their lives in the submarine. There are two bills that were timely introduced way back in late 2018, after the sub was found. One of these projects is at the national level and the other in the area of ​​the province of Buenos Aires and the two were boxed in, if not to say truncated”, expressed Luis Tagliapietra in the first place.

“For us it would be very important that November 15 be declared a holiday”

“What I believe is that somehow we have to revive the memory of the sailors. Whenever we remember them it is through a double path, on the one hand, the tribute, that for us it would be very important that November 15 be declared a holiday, we would like this to be a day of memory, a day of tribute. And secondly, we always remember what happened because we are in a situation that is truly desperate, due to the causes related to the investigation of the sinking, which are all paralyzed”, the referent of the ARA San Juan case continued.

In this line, Tagliapietra confessed that in the environment of the 44 families there is a feeling of great disbelief for what is happening today with the causes that investigate the sinking of the submarine. “Not only can we not believe it, but we no longer know what else to do to activate the causes, the investigations. This is like a tripod, on the one hand there is the memory and the tribute itself, on the other hand keeping the topic current, and on the other having the opportunity that through this visibility we can go to what really matters to us, which is the investigation regarding the sinking and all the other investigations that are related. These are not minor issues, what happens is that sometimes they seem minor. Undoubtedly, all these investigations are related to what happened; if there were no certain background, it would not be necessary for different actors to have incurred in false testimonies, in cover-up, in illegal espionage and other things”, reflected the interviewee.

Dialogue cut with Justice

Luis Tagliapietra referred to the relationship between the relatives of the 44 sailors who lost their lives aboard the ARA San Juan submarine and Justice and stated that, although there is communication, it is very cold and distant, and assured that they feel abandoned by the judicial system. “More than abandoned, we feel demonized, stigmatized,” said the interviewee.

“In what is specifically Caleta Olivia, there is no dialogue, that is, the dialogue with the Justice is the formal one through the file, of course. Two years after the Federal Chamber of Comodoro Rivadavia ordered Dr. Marta Yáñez to investigate Macri (Mauricio) and former minister Oscar Aguad, it must be said that she did little or nothing. He limited himself to taking some testimonies that were not very relevant, he did absolutely nothing regarding the investigation of his responsibilities and, what is more important for us, having ordered the Chamber to carry out all the expertise that the parties have proposed, and When I say the parties, I am not only talking about the complaints, but also about the defenses that have urged that the necessary expertise be carried out to find out the reasons for the sinking, it did absolutely nothing, it only advanced in an expertise requested by Dr. Carreras, who He is carrying out one of the lawsuits, and it is totally ridiculous, because what he asked for is to verify that the images provided by Ocean Infinity were true or not, whether they had been edited or not, “said Luis Tagliapietra about the progress of the cases being processed. in the Santa Cruz city of Caleta Olivia.

“A ridiculous skill”

Along these lines, Alejandro Tagliapietra’s father described the expertise requested by the judge as “ridiculous”, arguing that what the magistrate asked was to verify that the images on the hard drives are legitimate, to know if they were edited or not. “It is something absolutely ridiculous, the relatives were present at the discovery of the submarine and we saw the footage. If there was a manipulation of the disks, that was done by Judge Yáñez, apparently there was a loss of files, but I do not understand that this loss of files was relevant either, because even Ocean Infinity re-sent the complete material of the discovery. They have been working on this expertise for more than a year and they still haven’t finished. Not only is it absolutely useless, but it is also a waste of time, because what really matters is that a team of experts analyze the images to see to what extent they can give us an answer regarding the reasons for the sinking, understanding, therefore, Except for me, by virtue of all the experts I spoke with, which would be the first step in expert work that necessarily leads us to return to the site of the sinking, remove remains and carry out other tasks.”

Tagliapietra emphasized that, at his own expense, he was in charge of carrying out different investigations with government institutions of European countries such as the Netherlands, France and Germany. “What they told us is that in order to have certain certainties, these tasks must be carried out, which they also offered to collaborate for free, with which this would not represent any economic expense for our country. This has to do with getting to the truth, all things that we proposed to Judge Yáñez, and until now she has not made any decision in this regard. That is why I say that the investigation is paralyzed, because the little that is being done is absolutely useless, in order to be able to verify the reasons for the sinking, which is what interests us most, at least for me and for the relatives that I represent.” , stressed the lawyer.

Demonized and stigmatized

Tagliapietra left a strong reflection on how the families of the 44 sailors who lost their lives aboard the ARA San Juan submarine feel. When asked if they feel abandoned by the Argentine Justice, the interviewee stated that “more than abandoned, we feel demonized, stigmatized. In my particular case, in Caleta Olivia they have put together false cases, cases that did advance quickly and that luckily, due to the fact that I am very prolix about my work, I was able to prove that they were false and I could be dismissed. But I believe that we are not only abandoned by the system or the Justice, to speak in a broader framework, because here, the judges and prosecutors are also responsible. I believe that we are also abandoned by the political power, which clearly stigmatized us, demonized us, attacked us. The current political power has expressed regrettable passivity. Although the human side is not a minor issue, it is not enough. We need to honor our children with truth and justice.”

“Alejandro was passionate about life, passionate about what he did, he loved his profession”

In the final section of the interview with Chronicle, Luis Tagliapietra remembered his son Alejandro, one of the 44 heroes who lost his life aboard the ARA San Juan submarine. Tagliapietra also spoke about the search and rescue operation that was carried out in Comodoro Rivadavia. And to close, he left one last reflection and assured that all the families will continue fighting to clarify the facts.
November 7, 2017 was the last day that Luis Tagliapietra was able to speak with his son Alejandro. That day, the young man was in Ushuaia. “He was happy, with many projects in his head. He was thinking of Christmas presents for me and his mother. I remember him as passionate about life, passionate about what he did, he loved his profession. I try to honor him in this way, using the example of what he was, or what he was to me. That is why I am going to fight against all odds, because I want to get to the bottom of all this, “said Luis Tagliapietra, remembering his son Alejandro.

Eternal gratitude to Comodoro Rivadavia

The interviewee recalled the extensive deployment that took place in the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, days after the news of the disappearance of the ARA San Juan submarine was known, in what was one of the most memorable search and rescue operations in recent years. “I feel and have great gratitude to the city of Comodoro Rivadavia. To this day I maintain a friendship with the port authorities, with Favio Cambareri and all the people I was able to meet, wonderful people. I remember that at that time I had traveled to appear first in court, and then I had the opportunity to be in the port, with all the people who showed up spontaneously to be able to help, to be able to collaborate. Everything that happened was very exciting,” said the interviewee.
“It must be said that there is still a lot of work ahead. It is very frustrating to know that five years have passed and practically nothing has been done, but we are going to continue fighting for this cause, that is something that has to be made clear. We will continue fighting until the last consequences, both in the main case and in those that investigate the illegal espionage that we suffer. We simply want to know the truth of what happened, no more and no less than that”, concluded Luis Tagliapietra.

Tagliapietra, on the investigation of the ARA San Juan submarine: “We no longer know what else to do to activate the causes” | Daily Chronicle