Strange World, the Disney Christmas movie is a love letter to the environment and family

Per Christmas Disney anticipates the times and releases the new cartoon in theaters (from today 23 November). Strange World – A wonderful adventure by Don HallBig Hero 6). A journey into a new kind Pandora which is located in the center of the earth. It is the teenager who explores it Ethan (the voice is by Lorenzo Crisci), father Searcher (Marco Bocci) and grandfather Jaeger (Francesco Pannofino), three generations that will have to join forces to save their world.

The film Disneyaddressed to the whole family, touches on main themes (and already addressed in other cartoons from the house of baby mouse) as the environmental carethe relationship between fathers and sonsthe desire to find a place in the world without necessarily following in the footsteps of the parents, the ability to admit one’s mistakes and the diversity from different points of view.

Strange World – A Mysterious World: the plot

Jaeger Clade (Pannofino) is a legendary exploreragile and muscular, who loves adventure and is ready to do anything to find out what the mountains hide beyond Avaloniathe city where he lives. During an expedition with his son Searcher (Bocci) the adventurer decides to continue alone after having found a plant (the pando) which according to the young Clade could revolutionize the lives of the inhabitants of Avalonia. After 25 years Searcher he became a famous farmer by cultivating the pando which brought electricity to the whole region. She hasn’t had any news of his father since. Meanwhile Searcher started a family: he has a wife (Meridien) and a son (Ethan), curious to explore the world outside of Avalonia. What did he get from his grandfather? Certainly Sercher doesn’t really like it.

One day Searcher he finds the pando is losing its energy. Thus he begins a journey with his son and a group of friends that will take them to the center of the earth where the roots of the plant converge. There they will discover a wonderful worldmade of colorful and gummy animals and vegetation never seen before. And there they will find jaegers alive and aged, but always with the same spirit of implacable adventurer. From that moment they continue the mission together and together they discover what lies behind the pando’s energy drop. A discovery they didn’t expect.

Jaegers, Searchers and Ethan. (Disney)

An ecological adventure with Indiana Jones And King Kong in the middle of

Strange World would like to Greta Thunberg because it is one love letter to nature and puts a current question at the center: what are we leaving for future generations? Among sparkling colors, a world that in some ways recalls the colorful one of Pandora being threatenedan adventure where there are many dangers, but no villain to defeat, unfolds the animated film «which takes its cue from Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones And King Kong», says the award-winning director Oscars.

We are not talking only about environmental protection, but also about relationships between fathers and childrenof different points of view between generationsof clash and dialogue between them, a dialogue that leads to more concrete answers to questions that seem insurmountable. jaegers will he be able to see what is behind those peaks that he has been climbing for a lifetime thanks to his son and grandson, and only thanks to them will he be able to understand the value of the family.

“Strange World”. (Disney)

A gay teenager in the Disney movie family

The film is suitable for the whole family in the broadest sense of the word. Ethan is homosexual and speaks naturally of his passion for a friend with his mother, father and grandfather, who gives him advice to win him over. Obviously the tactic of jaegers it could only imply a muscular test: what do you expect from an adventurous grandfather?

Ethan in the Disney cartoon. (Disney)

«Strange World simply reflected the world we are living in – declares the director – we believe it is important that everyone can identify with the characters in the film». And on the subject Michael Good, which together with Federica Abbate signature Antifragilethe main song of the film, adds: «It is very gratifying as a spectator to see how such a delicate theme is developed naturally – says the singer – if I had seen a cartoon like this as a child I would have felt less alone».

The voice actors of Strange World: from Marco Bocci to Francesco Pannofino

Among the Italian actors who give voice to the animated characters of Strange World there is the veteran Francesco Pannofinowho by now everyone knows as an actor for the role of René in the series Boris. Double the explorer here jaegers. “This film amazed me and kept nailed to the chair – he comments – it’s a beautiful adventure that has me moved: the authors managed to talk about relationships between fathers and children without rhetoric».

Marco Bocci instead it lends the entry to Searcher. It’s his first time in a cartoon. The children will be happy. «I had so much fun knowing that it will be a film that will last forever – explains the actor and director – I like how Strange World put three generations in close relationship and how you tell the difficulty in fighting for one’s individuality». In the original version there are among the actors called into question Jake GyllenhaalDennis Quaid and Lucy Liu.


Strange World, the Disney Christmas movie is a love letter to the environment and family – iO Donna