“State of Grace” – 20 Years of the Piccolo Teatro degli Instabili

“State of Grace” – 20 Years of the Piccolo Teatro degli Instabili

“State of Grace – This is the title chosen for the new Theater Season 2022/23. “This is how the Piccolo Teatro degli Instabili was born 20 years ago, from a powerful spark that set in motion the realization of a dream that seemed impossible: the foundation of a theater in the historic center of Assisi, the creation of a cultural and social one which for two decades has given the city and the whole territory a well to drink from.” – writes the artistic director Fulvia Angeletti.

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Carlo and Antonietta Angeletti have made a real revolution in the panorama of the post-earthquake of ’97. From then on, the entire Italian Theater and an infinite number of protagonists of the musical scene stopped off at the Piccolo Teatro degli Instabili.

“Instability is our main character trait” – my father used to say – “that need to do more, not to be satisfied, to give life to great leaps, to fight to leave a mark.”

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This place, still today, lives and has remained an oasis of freedom, a “state” apart, a “state of grace” in which to find refuge when the ugliness of the world and boredom assail us, this place has remained “warm ” and pulsating with energy. A great legacy and above all a great gift to be protected and cared for…”.

On this important anniversary it is finally possible to relaunch a complete billboard, after two years in which the pandemic has prevented the normal course of activities during the winter months.

the program

The rich 2022/23 program is made up of 9 important prose, music and dance events and a review of 3 Teatro Ragazzi shows.

After the preview of last October 22 with the presentation of the first dance production of the Piccolo Teatro degli Instabili entitled “Explodere a colori” by Guarino/Molina, to open the Theater Season, the November 24thSara “SMALL FUNERALS”of and with Maurice Rippa (voice) and with Amedeo Monda (guitar), a dramatic and musical score that alternates a small funeral rite with a piece dedicated to those who have passed away. It is no coincidence that this was chosen as the opening show… A dedication that is an act of love, a gift and a greeting, made together with the spectators; a moving and very sweet show capable of welcoming pain and transforming it into rebirth.

Next, the December 15thfor the first time in Umbria, one of the most important shows of recent years will be staged “TABLE TABLE, NAIL NAIL” of and with Lino Musella, authentic talent of the scene, among the most appreciated of his generation, winner of the 2022 “Le Maschere del Teatro Italiano” Award and the Ubu2019 Award for best actor. A project written jointly with Tommaso De Filippo, based on notes, articles, correspondence and correspondence by Eduardo De Filippo.

The December 27th, it will be the turn of the first of the 3 events dedicated to the whole family. The Teatro Ragazzi shows, chosen by Alessandra Comparozzi of “Birba”, are aimed at girls and boys aged 3 and over. “THE TOY SHOP” from CRESTtells of a parallel world made up of the toys themselves, which helps children experience emotions, learning not to lose “the compass”, passing from joy to disappointment, from melancholy to cheerfulness.

2023 will open instead the January 4thwith the irresistible musical atmospheres created by the band Agreements Disagreementswhich on this occasion presents their latest album entitled “DECANTER”.

Their repertoire ranges from the most disparate jazz, swing, blues influences to traditional music, with original acoustic sounds and a cinematic taste, maintaining an initial gypsy jazz stylistic matrix, clearly inspired by the sounds of the famous guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Another special meeting designed exclusively for the Piccolo Teatro degli Instabili is that of January 15th with stage reading/performance of Valerio Mieli, director and screenwriter winner of the David di Donatello and Silver Ribbon Opera Prima for the film “Ten Winters” and at the Venice Film Festival of the Audience Award – Days of the Authors for the film “Do you remember?”. The stories presented here in world premiere are taken from the collection “ALWAYS WANTED” and enriched by a staging of colours, images, lights and music.

The January 29ththe artistic duo composed of Agnese Fallongo and Tiziano Caputo with great success “LETIZIA GOES TO WAR – The nun, the bride, the whore”. Three great women, two world wars, a subtle common thread to unite them: the same name, a single destiny. A tragicomic tale, of tenderness and truth, embellished with popular music and songs performed live.

The month of February will instead be dedicated to important artists as well as special friends and collaborators of the Piccolo Teatro degli Instabili.

On February 12 the CompanyBaglioni/Bellani presents the radio play/live for the first time “PLAY” what you see on stage Caroline Baglioni and the Ubu AwardChristian La Rosa. The text was selected for the Radio3 Rai Theater to talk about violence against women as part of the national women’s day.

“A CRACK: NOSTALGIA FOR GOLD” is the title of the performance that the February 26th will take place in the wonderful Halls of Palazzo Bartocci Fontana in Assisi: on stage the dancer and choreographer Lucia Guarino with Elisa D’Amico And Matthew Bortone on the double bass. Here dance and music meet and dialogue in an area alive with resonances, where the body of sound is part of the landscape and participates in the choreographic structure.

The Theater Season will then continue on 3rd March with the award-winning actor’s new show Fabrizio Falcoin “MOLIERE UANMENSCIO (OR AS YOU WANT)’”: an exciting ride inside Molière’s life, which stages the relationship with his parents, the discovery of the theatre, loves, successes and sorrows. Through the life of one of the greatest authors and actors of all time, the actor reflects with sarcasm and irony on our time, on the condition of the artist today and on the society in which we live.

The March 19 it will be the turn of the second appointment of Teatro Ragazzi with“BE QUIET!!!” by and with André Casaca by C’Art Theater. Clown, music and mime are the techniques used by the actor. A historic show, born in 1997, in which an apparently calm character breaks his hectic daily life with romantic moments, of pure poetry, drawn from the love for his own life.

“IT’S APP TO YOU!”of the March 30th is “the first video game at the Theatre! A 360° immersive reality!” that is how Leonardo Manzanon stage together with Andrea Delfino And Paola Giannini, presents his show. The idea is to stage a video game, a system in which the choices are limited and already pre-established by mathematical algorithms; what derives from it is an amusing and unsettling relationship that man has with himself in the face of technology.

To conclude this intense Season the April 15, will be the last exciting appointment of the Teatro Ragazzi with “LOVE STORY AND TREES”More than ten years after the first reply, Luigi D’Elia leaves the baton to Simon Gambaro for a new customized version. The show, loosely based on “The man who planted trees” by Jean Giono, tells of the solitary shepherd Elzeard Bouffier who for love begins to plant oaks in a desolate and harsh land and through this stubborn daily practice he returns to being happy. Slowly and wonderfully the world around him changes as in a slow and silent revolution.

Very rich program as always also with regard to the other activities proposed by the Piccolo Teatro degli Instabili, such as the brand new ones Acting workshops for adults by title “The facts naked and raw” edited byCaroline Baglioni, Michelangelo Bellani and Christian La Rosa (from October to December 2022), the Workshop “Collection of epiphanies” edited bySamuel Chiovoloni (as of January 2023)the Theater workshop “Little actors grow up”for children aged 6 to 12 edited by Giulia Zeetti and Ayumi Makita and the Children’s Theater Workshop “The Dreamers” from 13 to 17 years edited by Massimiliano Burini with the collaboration of Giuseppe Albert Montalto.

Finally, in addition to the advantageous formulas of Subscription to 6, 4 or 3 showsall the Under 30s, the over 65s and the participants in the Workshops will be able to access the reduction on the ticket price of the shows of the 2022/23 Season.


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“State of Grace” – 20 Years of the Piccolo Teatro degli Instabili