Until August at least three prosecutorsa former prosecutor and a judge were assassinated in Manabí, Guayas, Los Ríos and Sucumbíos. Others were injured after being attacked with firearms. They survived the attacks attributed to the organized crime and receive protection.

The criminal acts led to the authorities to meet in working groups to define actions to protect the safety of the actors in the justice system.

Last Monday, there was a meeting in which the Council of the Judiciary, the Ministry of the Interior and the Policeman. There, several strategies were defined.

Fausto Salinas, Commander of the Police, indicates that three actions were determined: training in self-protection, safety studies in critical areas and the review of security devices for those who are most at risk and vulnerable. The objective is to establish security processes and protocols.

With the individual safety study, you can see the level of risk that each one has.

Fausto Salinas, Commander of the Police

The alternative is not to provide police security 24 hours a day to each official threatened. That will be left for the most critical and riskiest cases. How will that be defined? It may be because of the location where they are, the type of case or the threats that they had received. All this goes into a security study and personal report, says the commander.

There is a procedure for officials who feel threatened to request their individual security. They must fill out a form unique and 11 steps to complete in which you must add names, surnames, ID, telephone, position, workplace, the number of the process or the crime for which the threat is generated and the account of the facts for the request.

The process goes through the General Directorate of the Judiciary and concludes in the Ministry of the Interior for protection.

Organized crime puts authorities in trouble

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A provincial judge who requested that his name be reserved pointed out that the best protection is not to compromise with anyone, “to do a fair job according to law, objective more than anything.” He stressed that the delinquency Now you also know about procedures and he realizes if he acts well or badly. “Of course, there are also cases where they threaten the same, protection is needed there,” he said.

The judge of the Court of Guayas, Ivonne Núñez, reiterates that organized crime uses threats and intimidation to avoid criminal sanctions. “Shielding is required for judges, prosecutors and their family environments, this provides security and strength in investigative and subsequent proceedings. judgment”, he emphasizes. He believes that specialized care is required for all those involved in high-risk trials, as it is an urgent and permanent need.

The president of the Court of Guayas, Fabiola Gallardohas had meetings with the governor, the commander of Zone 8 and the Minister of Government to request security from the judicial units.

Gallardo recounts that, following the murder of the prosecutor Edgar Escobar, a sit-in was held in Albán Borja, requiring security from the State.

Even a week ago, in a meeting that was held with the plenary session of the National Court, presidents of the provincial courts and the General Fausto Salinashe again asked that adequate security be provided to the offices and “in cases in which the police detain citizens of whom there is information that they are dangerous, they should directly provide protection to the judge,” he said.

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Protection. The judicial units and the main building of the Guayas Court They have police custody.

Self-protection, security alternative for judges