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Mexico City.- Without a doubt, one of the favorite actors of Mexicans and who is most loved is Edgar Vivar who played emblematic characters in the history of television as it was “Ñoño”, “Mr. Barriga” in “El Chavo del 8”also gave life to “El Botija” in “Los caquitos” and recently we have seen it in the series of “Neighbours” What “Hipolito Menchaca”without forgetting his participation in Mexican soap operas.

Edgar Vivar, He has not been saved from the fake news in which social networks have indicated that the actor has died, however, he has always come out to deny these versions; now it’s different because a famous seer who calls himself “The Daughter of Nostradamus” assures that the life of the beloved actor could end very soon, in addition to this the fortune teller warns Chabelo and Paquita of the neighborhood So they are also in danger.

They predict the death of Édgar Vivar, Chabelo and Paquita la del Barrio

It was during his prediction video posted on YouTube on August 29, 2022 that Antonella Pilar known as “The Daughter of Nostradamus” launched a strong prediction for these three stars of the show in our country.

Without giving details of the probable death of Édgar Vivar, Xavier López known as “Chabelo” and Paquita la del Barrio, the seer who calls herself “The Daughter of Nostradamus” warn the famous

In addition to mentioning the probable death of these, the seer issues a warning to the representatives of regional mexican music Well, he says he saw an attack against a group of this type of music, in his vision he says he heard explosions, although he does not know if it is fexplosive games or shots.

Edgar Vivar dies soon, a few days, how strong, and the letters also speak, how sad and how painful, but Chabelo leaves us soon, I see an attack on a Mexican music group, I hear explosions, I don’t know if they are explosive fire or shots, but the letters of an attack speak here…unfortunately I see a lady here, unfortunately also older and how painful what the letters are saying, yes because she is older, how painful, Paquita la del Barrio dies soon, how painful, My prayers for Paquita, I hope it doesn’t come true, it’s just what the cards say…”

Look at the prediction of these celebrities from minute 19:27

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In this same video, “The Daughter of Nostradamus” also mentions that mourning will seize three of the most beloved families in our country, the first is the Fernandez dynasty.

In her prediction, the seer named Antonella Pilarindicates that very soon he could die Cuquitathe matriarch of the Fernandezasks family members to be very careful with a slip and pay as much attention as possible.

because the letters here say Cuquita dies soon, and someone else in the Fernández family says the letters here, yes, the Fernández family, unfortunately, look, they are mourning, what a pity, what a pain…” said Antonella Pilar

It also indicates that the family of the deceased Jenni Rivera could be facing the loss of one of its members again, unlike the Fernandez, “The Daughter of Nostradamus” it does not say the name of who might die.

A mourning is visualized in the Rivera family, how strong, how strong, very strong the truth, be careful, they show me here swords, be careful with some surgery, a car accident, be careful on the plane yes, be very careful because unfortunately here comes a mourning close for the Rivera family, what pain and hopefully it will not be fulfilled…” says “The daughter of Nostradamus”

Likewise, the fortune teller talks about the family of Nodal, who will also be in mourning since she sees the death of someone close to the singer, which will cause him to fall into depression; besides this”The daughter of Nostradamus He asks the Mexican singer to take care of accidents because he warns that they are doing witchcraft to him.

“Unfortunately I see here a man with a head, unfortunately a mourning is coming, yes this person could go into depression, I do see a mourning for the singer Nodal, a close mourning, very careful also this boy with an accident, yes with an accident in the car, definitely take care of the plane, yes, be very careful, yes, be very careful because they are doing witchcraft to it…”, said The Daughter of Nostradamus

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Seer predicts death of beloved member of ‘El Chavo del 8’, Chabelo and Paquita la del Barrio | Zocalo Newspaper | News from Saltillo, Torreón, Piedras Negras, Monclova, Acuña