Restos du Cœur: an explosion in demand in Paimpol

In Paimpol, the volunteers of the Restaurants du Cœur are always dedicated and motivated despite the very strong increase in needs. ©La Presse d’Armor

The figure that holds all the attention of Restos du Coeur from Paimpol (Cotes-d’Armor), during the review of the 2021-2022 campaign, is theexplosion in numbers people welcomed and meals distributed during the summer campaign: 39,000 mealsan increase of 47.80%.

For the first time, we had to carry out an autumn collection which worked rather well, which shows that the solidarity of individuals is undeniable.

Michel Allée, one of the four pillars of the local

But, for all that, faced with ever-increasing demands, concerns are high :

We are not sure we can hold out until March. Something will have to happen…

Annick Legland, another volunteer of the organization

Personal assistance

In effect, the price of raw materials increasescorporate donations are less important and more and more “working poor” cannot provide for their families despite their employment.

The collegiate, made up of Michel Allée, Patrick Lahaye, Annick Legland and Claude Le Diuzet, also intends to emphasize another aspect of the Restos’ activities, personal assistance.

Helping people is an important activity. This covers French lessons, IT, furniture, household appliances, hairdressing, clothing donations, health (awareness, optical bus, etc.), access to culture and microcredits. This is an area that works very well thanks to the partnership with a local bank. In particular, this has enabled many beneficiaries to acquire means of transport to access employment…

Michael Allee

Two main axes for 2023

Two main axes for 2023 emerge.

First of all, a better reception of people by adjusting opening hours or itinerant distribution (in partnership with town halls and CCAS) to reach families who cannot come to the centre.

Next, the Restos intend to develop their collaboration with other players through commodity exchanges with other associations, registration for stays offered by Vacances & familles, collaboration with Point Santé and health information (Pink October, Blue March, sun damage, diabetes, optical bus, CPAM report).

Videos: currently on Actu

Finally, the creation of sewing and cooking workshops is under study, as well as the creation ofa supportive garden. “We also want, conclude the members of the collegiate, to develop contacts with schools and the search for new local producers”.

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Restos du Cœur: an explosion in demand in Paimpol