Regional elections 2022: De Luca, faces on the wall and the need to break ranks

The faces of the candidates in the next regional elections have been covering the walls of the cities of Sicily for months now. It makes you smile that the ruling parties and the faces of those who represent them in all the slogans announce an Italy and a Sicily that wants to change, that deserves a different future. As if so far they had not been the ones to govern, but their doubles.

Today, less than three days before the vote, it is useless to hide it: we have a serious problem and we cannot solve it. The quality of the political class. In Sicily we are made even worse, because the actors are divided between those who seem recruited in those tour companies that once beat the villages of the province and made people laugh with jokes in bad taste, burps and flatulence and those who the fart is there. have under their noses and that, net of some appearances on TV and social messages on facebook, have long since abandoned their potential voters.

To break the ritual is Cateno De Luca who, like it or not, has returned to politics – not just Messina – a fundamental element of normality: contact with the territory. Few municipalities that have not seen him as a protagonist in these days of the election campaign.

Character almost always over the top, the former mayor of Fiumedinisi and Messina, his outings have become very popular, even before the candidacy for the presidency of the Region. Now the rallies around Sicily deliver a constitutionally over the top politician, who owes his fortunes to this.

That it really goes down hard, needless to say. It becomes impossible not to take sides with the “victim” on duty. Try to imagine a candidate for the presidency of Tuscany or Emilia who treats a mayor, a journalist, a minister as he does … He does not exist, it would be his own party to overwhelm him.

But here in Sicily the rules are different. In Sicily it can happen. Because if it is true that the politician in question moves in a caricature, he does so in an environment that is already all a caricature; so in some ways he is the only one in place.

De Luca, despite his language, is more credible than almost all Sicilian politicians, often squatters of positions that would serve other purposes, attentive only to the grain and to their place to pass to the descendants, as was done once in a bank.

Only in this land without rhyme or reason can you see candidates accused of mafia crimes, some former mayor who have fallen for convictions plunge back into politics with lots of applause, a teenager who inherits all the votes of his father – convicted of crimes against the public administration – who becomes a regional deputy and tries again because he knows that not even a sentence will scratch the family’s package of votes.

So, before getting scandalized by hearing De Luca speak, it would be better to dwell on those people who agree to represent a private possession of the usual consensus lords, since the ballots in the urn do not go there by themselves. They are the ones who support a troglodyte vision of the role of politics and kill the future of their children who, unlike the children of those who are involved in politics, at most can hope for a job worth 300 euros a month in black.

Instead of picking up sticks and screaming their anger, they get caught by the nose with the promise of a citizenship income or a job that will almost never come, while life goes on and nothing happens. It is in this cultural soup that Cateno De Luca advances. Although perpetually inappropriate, he becomes a divinity in the presence of so many servants and those masters.

Regional elections 2022: De Luca, faces on the wall and the need to break ranks