«Rapunzel»: Lorella Cuccarini al Brancaccio in the role of Gothel

from Federica Manzitti

The showgirl and coach of Amici is the protagonist, in the role of the villain, of the musical revived from 2 December in an updated guise and with a cast of 19 actor-dancers

Lorella Cuccarini in the role of the evil Gothel, the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale rewritten by Maurizio Colombi, a cast of nineteen young people
simultaneously actors, performers, dancers, acrobats and singers, the sets by Alessandro Chiti, the costumes, the live music, the noise. A whole cheerful forge of the musical called Viola productions, returns to the title of the first production, Rapunzel, dated 2014, for a new edition with an updated cast. What goes staged at the Brancaccio from 2 December is a family show, a rewrite of the story of Rapunzel which Disney had given its version in 2010, with original music, added characters, twists and a romantic ending.

«Nice for me to return to this role after eight years – said the Roman showgirl – I have loved the theater since I started in 1997 in Grease in the role of Sandy. In addition, after these three years away from the stage, a great desire to meet the public has made its way. The magic of live entertainment is this: seeing the enchantment in people’s eyes, hearing their laughter, their applause». Around the figure of the presenter – in her third year as a coach of Friends — the creative group of the first edition has been maintained according to the figure of Viola productions which wants to enhance national workers and craftsmanship.

An all-Italian musicalwritten by a group of authors directed by Colombi transforming Gothel, sister of Grethel and stepmother of Rapunzel, in the main protagonist. «A show for the whole family, but also very comical for all ages», says the director who in 2014 together with Alessandro Longobardi, artistic director of Brancaccio, gave birth to the production center located in via Merulana. “This is a mother-daughter conflict – he adds – inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte, but romantic, with twists that alone are worth the price of admission”. The story resumes with a cartoon effect – accentuated by noise performed live like the music composed by Davide Magnabosco, Alessandro Procacci and Paolo Barillari – the story of Rapunzel (Silvia Scartozzoni), a positive heroine in search of her true identity, and of the antagonist Gothel, devoured by vanity and the cult of eternal youth.

Around them are the characters of Phil, the light-hearted thief (Renato Crudo), the King (Maurizio Semeraro), the Queen (Rossella Contu), Milord (Andrea Spata), and more commoners, innkeepers and brigands. Colombi then inserted some characters into the story such as the royal guard Hound who speaks grammelot (Mattia Inverni), the talking flowers Rosa and Thorn (Martina Lunghi and Matilde Pellegri) or the storyteller played by Giacomo Marcheschi. Chiti’s scenographic project reinterprets the settings of the medieval fairy tale in fifteen paintings, the choreography is signed by Rita Pivano, the costumes by Francesca Grossi. The show will remain on stage until 8 January, while on Lorella Cuccarini’s theatrical horizon there would also be a new project: «A sort of one woman show – she says – freely inspired by my book Every day the sun».

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November 23, 2022 (change November 23, 2022 | 07:53)

«Rapunzel»: Lorella Cuccarini al Brancaccio in the role of Gothel