Purple like the sea: the press conference | everything you need to know

Freshness, synergy and sincerity were the three characteristics that dominated the press conference for fiction Purple Like The Sea made by Lux Vide Fremantle group and produced by Matilde And Luca Bernabei. The six-episode TV series was directed by Francesco Vicario and will see in the role of protagonists Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi with Chiara Tron, Giovanni Nasta And Simona Cavallari present in the room.

The location of the Casa del Cinema in Rome was the location chosen for the presentation to the press of this fiction much awaited by the public. Between laughter and funny anecdotes, after watching a 20-minute video of the series – which will be broadcast on Friday 30 September on Canale5 – the press conference has come alive.

The new face in Palermo and the tricks to represent synaesthesia on TV

The presentation of Viola as the sea directly from the voice of Luca Bernabei, Lux Vide CEO: “This series is about Palermo. In Tanzini’s novel, the city is told of being raped by the mafia. But with this series we discover a wonderful Palermo. We wanted to make a tender story that would make us dream, whoever watches will love the strong enthusiasm of Francesca and Can. both are self-deprecating and you will find it in the series. The story of two people who see Viola have synaesthesia, a disease that makes people’s feelings perceive through sounds and colors. Francesco is a man who wants to stay away from emotions because life has disappointed him. The fear of too many feelings and the escape from feelings allowed to leave something profound in this series. The series talks and will make the audience smile who will remain attached to the TV. “

During the conference, Bernabei in addition to underlining the great commitment of the whole cast, he also spoke of the technical trick chosen to show the public how synesthesia appears in the mind and eyes of Viola: “Before arriving at this result that you can see in the various episodes, we experimented with various solutions. We also virtually colored people based on the color they saw Purple. Then we met Giuseppe Gallo, a very important painter who worked and developed the concept of breath, of something delicate that could represent synaesthesia. It takes sensitivity to enter this world. “

The co-writer Silvia Leuzzi with Elena Bucaccio talked about the great screenplay work, which somehow deepened the novel Get to know the summer from Simona Tanzini: “It was an ambitious premise in bringing synaesthesia to the screen. We talked to doctors about it and found that it is a very broad phenomenon compared to what is believed. We tried to tell the various emotions of the human being. It was a work of experimentation and research. “

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Beauty is nothing if not accompanied by virtue

The word was passed to the Turkish actor Can Yaman now one hundred percent Italianized, who talked about this new work experience in an Italian production: “For me it was a challenge to act in Italian because it is not easy for a Turk to also become a leading actor in a series in Italy. We did a great job with my coach, because Lux wanted me to improve my diction, articulation and have a particular, refined Italian. I had never played the role of policeman and filming at the police station it was necessary to have a more technical Italian. Jokes made of paragraphs after paragraphs. Memorizing all the lines and combining articulation and diction was very important and we worked a lot thanks to my coach who always helped me together with the director Francesco Vicario. “

The actor went on to say: “Francesca herself helped me a lot. At first I may not have been very good, I even dubbed myself (and laughs) but then, since the Lux and I want perfection, we found ourselves in perfect harmony and for me it was a beautiful family. Palermo was like going on a trip to high school, creating a great bond of friendship with colleagues and with the people who made us feel their warmth under the hotel. “

To the question concerning the relationship with beauty, Francesca Chillemi he answered: “Viola helped me recognize beauty as a gift, as a feature and not as something to be ashamed of. Viola and I have different qualities and telling this aspect in a character was also cathartic and sensitized me even more. This woman has this superpower which is to empathize and put herself in the shoes of others without judging them. Empathizing is a good starting point to understand what is happening around us. “

Right away Can Yaman he has declared: “I wasn’t interested in beauty when I was studying law. The concept of beauty came to me late when people who meet me remind me of it and tell me, otherwise I wouldn’t realize it. It is not something that haunts me. Beauty alone if it is not accompanied by other values ​​such as ambition, education, determination remains alone and dies. We must always feed it with other characteristics and transform and learn not to remain horizontally but to go vertically and grow more and more. If you don’t become more mature, if you don’t learn from mistakes you won’t get anywhere. There are better and more beautiful actors than me, but I believe that the characteristics lead you to be successful. “

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Purple like the sea | The differences between the way of working on a set in Italy and Turkey

The word went to the director Francesco Vicarioenthusiastic about the work done and its actors who were, according to him, ‘excellent’: “It was a fun experience to see this couple born and grow up, it was a challenge and a great satisfaction for us. They have known Francesca for 13 years, she has grown up a lot and despite her beauty she is also very funny and self-deprecating. It seems she has forgotten her beauty in her. She is one of the best grimaces I know. And then, Francesca is very good at bringing out emotions.

As for Can, he surprised me positively. He came to the set with ten pages of the script memorized without ever having a sheet of paper in his hand. They’ve had a lot of technical scenes. Can is committed as I have seen very few times even by our own colleagues. He once came and he asked me not to make him say the word ‘reconciliation’. Unfortunately, since there are no alternative themes, you could see him repeating over and over and then he would come and tell you ‘reconciliation’. He made a double effort, because having to show strong in front of the camera you cannot show insecurities in the language especially if you are an actor. This is why I say that Can was doubly good. “

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Can Yaman, who achieved success with the dizi (Turkish series), also spoke about the differences found between the way of working in Turkey and that in Italy: “There are differences between shooting in Italy and in Turkey. The system of working in Turkey takes you up to 36 hours on set and this has led me to become a war machine. Once on Viola’s set they asked me embarrassed to stop 10 minutes more and I replied: “Ten minutes? I’m Turkish, I’m used to worse! ”. Another thing is that I’m not used to seeing the series after a year, because in Turkey we shoot all the time and see it right away. ”

Can Yaman he continued saying: “We shot for 7-8 months to make six episodes, think in Turkey to shoot in a year! But this is the reason that led Turkey to increase the TV series sector so much, especially when it has to sell abroad and the episode is divided into 3 parts. This discipline helped me to overcome the difficulty of the language, arriving on the set with ten pages in Italian learned by heart. “


Regarding the sale to the foreign market of the series, Matilde Bernabei he has declared: “There are great expectations from the foreign market. Meanwhile, Viola come il mare, which has not yet aired, has already been sold for the Viva channel of Israel and in Eastern countries. In the meantime, we are in talks with Portugal and in Turkey. “

To conclude by telling an anecdote that took place in Palermo during the filming of Purple like the seaFrancesca and Can recalled these two nice moments.
Francesca Chillemi: “This set is in my heart. After a week of shooting we went to Palermo for a month in the same hotel. In the evening we all studied together, even with Can’s coach and the next day we arrived very well prepared. The only drawback was the bad weather in October which did not allow us to shoot outside. “

Can Yaman: “I was in my room in Palermo with everyone. At one point behind the door there was a boy who was listening. And there I got the slipper and I wanted to arrest him, I got into character and I said to Giovanni ‘arrest him’! “

Purple like the sea: the press conference | everything you need to know