President of SAGO AG calls on the Government to work on public policies in favor of the inhabitants of rural areas

At the inauguration of the 96th edition of FISUR, Sergio Willer Daniel called on the authorities “to participate in a new pact for rural abundance, for love of our land, for love of Chile,” he said.

A call to the Government authorities, to develop public policies in favor of the inhabitants of rural areas, and those who work in food production, formulated the President of the Board of the Osorno Agricultural and Livestock Society, Sergio Willer Daniel, at the solemn inauguration of the ninety-sixth edition of the Sago FISUR exhibition, which the Agricultural Guild of the Los Lagos region has developed for 105 years.

Willer was the main speaker at the event, which was attended by authorities such as the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela; the Regional Governor of Los Lagos, Patricio Vallespín; the presidential delegate of the province of Osorno, Claudia Pailalef; and the mayors of Osorno, Emeterio Carrillo; San Juan de La Costa, Bernardo Candia; and from Puerto Octay, Gerardo Gunckel, among others.

In his speech, the union leader highlighted the need to improve the quality of life of those who live in rural areas of the country,

“According to the data published in 2020 by PASO, only 38% of the rural population has access to some type of health care center, versus the 91% possibility existing in the cities. Inequity also occurs in housing, because only 60% of the inhabitants of rural areas have a house in good condition, unlike 90% of those who live in cities. In terms of drinking water, in rural areas only 55% of the population can access this vital element, unlike 98% of those who live in large cities”, quoted the union leader.

“But where the difference seems most worrisome to us is in educational matters. Today only 54% of rural inhabitants have access to a school for their children in the area where they live and work, unlike the 97% coverage that exists in urban areas. In the fields, there are still multi-course schools. And in times when to study and work it is necessary to be connected to the internet and telephony, only 16% of the rural population has access to this connectivity”, added Willer.

The president of SAGO A,G. indicated that the opportunities for young people who live in rural areas are less than those of their peers who live in cities. And that is, in his opinion, one of the main factors behind the massive migrations from the countryside to urban areas.

“For this reason, we ask the State of Chile to work on public policies that have a focused look on this inequality. Those who live in rural areas need to feel effectively that the rest of the country cares about their living conditions and the future of their families. Children and young people living in rural areas are required not to feel that their existence is limited by where they live and by the work of their families”, said the president of SAGO AG, who called the Minister of Agriculture, present in the act, to trust and “take the flag” of the rural world.

“The countryside is life. For this reason, we invite all those who accompany us to participate in this new pact: a pact for rural abundance… for the love of our land, for the love of our diversity, for the love of our people, for the love of animals… for the love of Chile,” he said.

Rural Violence and Economy

In his speech, the President of SAGO AG pointed out how violence and terrorism in southern Chile has grown exponentially in recent years, threatening the food sovereignty of Chileans. “The lack of political will for the work of the police forces threatens that the situation out of control in the Araucanía region will definitively settle further south,” said Sergio Willer, asking the government to give priority to security in the southern macrozone, before the arrival of crimes in the countryside such as the theft of inputs and machinery, and assaults on homes.

Meanwhile, in economic matters, the union leader recognized that the current scenario is urgent for farmers, and for all Chileans. Therefore, he asked the authorities to worry about laying the foundations so that our country can once again be competitive at the international level, paying attention to the road and port infrastructure, and the signing of trade agreements, such as the TPP – 11 that after its approval in Parliament, it is not yet signed by the Executive.

After the act, the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, highlighted the value of FISUR, and congratulated the organization of the exhibition. The Secretary of State highlighted the work of the agricultural and forestry sector, to provide food security to the population during the Covid 19 pandemic.

“We thank the entire agricultural and livestock family, because Chile, in a very difficult time, has had certainty in milk, meat, and products from our producers, just as the contribution of peasant family agriculture has been very important, in the existence of fresh fruits and vegetables at home,” he said.

For his part, Regional Governor Patricio Vallespín highlighted that FISUR is “the most important fair in southern Chile in terms of agriculture”, emphasizing that “here we have a space to build trust again, generate a great pact with the sustainable region, including agriculture, milk, and meat, take the lead on the challenges of innovation, and I think that this has been very well received”, he said.

Meanwhile, the provincial presidential delegate, Claudia Pailalef, congratulated the organizers of the exhibition, “which has been taking place here in the city of Osorno for many years, and which is a space that allows the different agricultural actors to be linked from the most small to the largest”, noting that the Government was happy with the return of FISUR, “because it allows all the agriculture of our province to be valued”.

And the mayor of Osorno, Emeterio Carrillo, congratulated SAGO “because despite all the problems, this fair has remained standing, and that requires teamwork, effort. And our municipality will be available to continue collaborating and working together with our farmers, because we are interested in that our food source that comes from the field continues to strengthen and grow”, said the communal chief.


At the inauguration of FISUR, the board of directors of the Sociedad Agrícola y Ganadera Osorno AG recognized, as in each edition of the exhibition, the excellence of work in the field, in the different facets of good productive management.

In this way, it was delivered René Soriano Borquez Awardin honor of who was a distinguished professional from Osornino agro and a great public man, to Egon Montenegro Vera, who was distinguished as the most outstanding agricultural professional. The veterinarian with studies at the Universidad Austral de Chile served until 2017 as Head of the Genealogical Registry of the Department of Livestock of the Sociedad Agrícola y Ganadera de Osorno AG In addition, he is a prominent member of the Rotary Club of Osorno, and has been a Director of the College of Veterinary Physicians of Osorno and member of the Chilean Society of Buiatrics.

While, Maximiliano Vergara Verdugo was distinguished with the award Alfonso Sanhueza Diard, Named like this in honor of the person who was General Secretary of the Osorno Agricultural and Livestock Society for more than 40 years, and which is awarded to the most outstanding student of the Adolfo Matthei Professional Agrarian Institute.

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President of SAGO AG calls on the Government to work on public policies in favor of the inhabitants of rural areas – Diario Lechero